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How to Increase Sales Using 9 Buy Signals

Timing is everything when it comes to sales. Close more deals by tracking buying signals in the market so you can reach out to prospects at just the right moment.

But what exactly is a “Buy Signal?”

A buy signal is an event that indicates a prospect is more likely to purchase your service or product. Any new opening for a sales opportunity is also considered a buy signal, also known as a trigger event.

And no, “buy signal” is not just another buzzword.

Buy signals make your calls contextual, not cold, and your emails targeted, not spammy. Monitoring key buying signals inform thoughtful engagement or can revive a prospect gone cold.

The 9 buying signals you should be tracking to increase sales

So with that, here are the 9 buying signals every salesperson should be monitoring:

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1. Funding round raised
An influx of money from investors is not only a sign of growth but also means more money and a bigger budget. A quick tip to quickly focus your search is to benchmark companies that have already raised a certain amount.

 Pro tip! Use these examples as templates to build your own searches.

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2. Changes in management

Changes in management can be a sign of big things to come. Make sure to look out for changes in the CEO or leadership at your target companies as shifting and growing (or tightening) budgets are sure to follow.

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3. New product launch (or a competitor’s product launch)

Along with a new product launch comes a new set of needs and bandwidth to think about next steps for a business and can help you increase sales. A new product can also indicate a need for new support, while a competitive product launch can point to your prospect trying to up their game.

How to track product launches
Keep a Crunchbase list of your prospects and set up custom news alerts to receive an email anytime you prospect is mentioned in the news.

4. Stopped using a competitor

Changes in tech stack or products are always moments of opportunity. Make sure you’re on top of who’s using your product – and your competitors. Use your due diligence to appeal to a prospect based on the advantages of your product over the competition.

How to track when companies stop using a competitor
Use G2 Stack to identify products in use or BuiltWith to narrow down tech in use. Even sort by the industry of product or technology used if you don’t have a specific competitor in mind.

5. Mergers and acquisitions

Identify the movers and shakers by tracking M&A activity. Acquiring companies are already investing in a new team, product, or idea, and acquisition may indicate they are looking to invest in their own tech stack. On the other hand, an acquired company may now have more budget to work with you.

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6. IPOs

A company going public is no small feat! Reaching out during a new cash influx is a great time to pose how your product can help.

How to track:
Get notifications on if a company in a saved search or list goes public with custom news alerts with Crunchbase Pro.

7. Increased product adoption

A company that is changing its current products is an indicator that they may be open to switching vendors.

How to track:
Use G2 Stack to focus on companies with a specific product usage growth, or BuiltWith to track the percentage of tech changes from a certain company. Use either (or both!) in conjunction with Crunchbase Pro to filter companies that match your target customer.

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8. Web traffic growth

More hits to a company’s site indicate they are getting more attention and could be in a growth phase. This is a good sign that they may have changing needs and potentially an increased budget.

How to track:
Integrate SimilarWeb data directly in Crunchbase profiles to see statistics on monthly website rank growth and web traffic growth for free by registering for a free account.

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9. Event attendance

A company putting money in events signifies a company with a budget for PR. Particularly if a company is an early-stage company, they may have increased capital and maybe looking for ways to increase productivity or upgrade their user experience.

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