Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Build stickier products with best-in-class private company data – funding rounds, mergers and acquisitions, executive profiles, and more – to create a better user experience for your customers.

Get Live, Accurate Data

Crunchbase does the heavy lifting of finding, validating, and updating private company data so you don’t have to. With our API, you get real-time updates so you and your customers never miss out on the latest company news and signals.

Customized API Access

Unlock firmographics, financials, insights and predictive data with API packages that scale with you.

“The breadth and depth of Crunchbase data is well worth the cost and very cost-competitive. And with the different ways of implementing the data into a platform, it’s easy to start seeing the benefits of integrating the data.”

Jim Benson, CTO, Exchange

See How Companies Partner with Crunchbase to Enhance Products and Unlock Business Opportunities

Outreach added Crunchbase data to its product resulting in clients saving an average of 6 to 7 hours per month personalizing outreach.

Yahoo! Finance added Crunchbase data to its platform to help users make informed financial decisions. 

MarketWatch added Crunchbase data directly to company profile pages to give investors an edge toward beating the market.

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