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Private Company Data That Drives Business Growth

As a Crunchbase Enterprise customer, add actionable data to the tools you use to grow your business.

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Flexible Data That Fits Your Use Case

Sales Prospecting & Enrichment

Whether you are looking to enrich existing accounts in your CRM, enhance lead/account scoring, or accelerate forecasting, Data Enrichment can help.

Add valuable and unique data to your internal tools to identify qualified prospects and inform outreach with insights delivered right to you.

Relevant for: Sales Managers, Sales Operations, Sales Enablement, Demand Gen

Consulting & Derivative Reports

Access unlimited Crunchbase data to feed your data models and include key insights in your client-facing reports.

You can also enhance your due-diligence efforts with data such as trending industries and percentage of companies that have been acquired in a certain industry.

Relevant for: Consultants, Research Analysts, Data Analysts, Advisors

Investment Research & VCs

Access the full Crunchbase dataset to uncover investment opportunities, fuel in-house algorithms, and stay up-to-date on cutting-edge technologies such as PropTech and Blockchain.

Not only can you enrich your existing accounts with Data Enrichment, but you can also use it to track competing VCs on their investments.

Relevant for: Partners, Researchers, Analysts, Venture Capitalists, Investors

Innovation & Market Research

Identify industry and product trends, future growth areas, and competitive landscapes without manual web scraping or tedious research.

Feed real-time Crunchbase data into internal databases, or aggregate data from many sources into a single data warehouse with Crunchbase’s partner, Snowflake.

Relevant for: Innovation Managers, Data Analysts, Scientists, and Engineers, Strategy & Planning

Data Enrichment Features

Bulk CSV Export

Salesforce Enrichment

Full and Unlimited API Connection

Trusted by the best

“We had a glaring problem with bad data. We also suffer from having a niche market where data just isn’t readily available. Crunchbase is the best source for this.”

Sr. Director of Sales Operations

“Crunchbase has allowed us to look strategically in the market for up-and-coming, well-funded companies. This enables us to get a foothold in companies early before our competition and grow with them as they scale.”

Sr. Director of Sales Operations

See Data Enrichment in Action