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Find the right investors

Entrepreneurs use Crunchbase Pro to expand beyond their network. Custom searches help you find active investors in your space that match your ideal criteria, whether that be industry, exit count, or location.

Crunchbase Pro is a research tool that makes it easy to discover investors and monitor industry trends. From uncovering impressive investors to tracking targeted acquisitions, stay connected while getting back to the things that matter.

Track your business competition

Import a list of your competitors and see how they’re performing. From the companies that are dominating the market to newcomers who may be changing the game, track your business competition with personalized alerts on companies you choose to follow.

Benchmark your company metrics

Maybe you’re asking yourself how much you should raise? Or perhaps you want to know the average revenue of your competitors? Benchmark yourself against competitors and see what companies similar to yours are doing with our statistics feature.

Build your entrepreneur toolbox with personalized lists

Here are some examples of Pro searches entrepreneurs have created to find investors, raise startup capital, and do market research. Edit these templates and make them your own with Crunchbase Pro.

Find investors



Early-stage investors who invest in construction companies

Filters: investor stage + industry

U.S.-based angel investors who invest in late-stage rounds

Filters: location + investor type + investor stage

Benchmark your raise



Average e-commerce Series A startup funding round size in the last six months

Filters: average of industry + funding type + date

Identify acquirers



Mobile companies that were acquired by artificial intelligence companies

Filters: industry + acquisition in industry

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between Crunchbase Pro and the free version of Crunchbase?

Crunchbase Pro gives you unlimited access to our premium search tools, exclusive charts data, as well as an ad-free experience.

What is included with Crunchbase Pro?

Crunchbase Pro was built on top of our Crunchbase data to give our users more functionality. With Crunchbase Pro you will receive access to advanced search, charts on company profiles, statistics, alerts, premium data filters, and the functionality to export to CSV. Please note, free trial users are not able to export data.


How much does Crunchbase Pro cost?

Crunchbase Pro is $29 per month, paid annually. Annual subscriptions are paid upfront in full. You can learn more about Crunchbase pricing here.

Is API access included?

API access is not included with Crunchbase Pro. However, we do license out our data with Crunchbase Enterprise.