Whether you’re a sales professional looking for new accounts or a business owner seeking an investor, Crunchbase Pro helps you find and close deals. Knowing how to effectively leverage the features of Pro can help you quickly refine your prospecting skills, pinpoint the right contacts and connect with key decision-makers.

Follow these 12 tips to get the most out of Crunchbase Pro:

Search less. Close more.

Grow your revenue with all-in-one prospecting solutions powered by the leader in private-company data.


1. Search smarter with advanced filters

Looking for new prospects that match your ideal customer profile and have the resources to close a deal? Search smarter with intuitive filters so you can refine the results based on the accounts you care about.

Start by choosing your type of search at the top navigation bar, whether it’s companies, contacts, investors, funding rounds or acquisitions. Then, add filters based on firmographics, funding data, buy signals, hiring and layoffs data and more. This lets you conduct granular searches that take you straight to the accounts that matter most.

2. Get prospect recommendations automatically

With Crunchbase Pro, prospecting has never been faster. You’ll get company recommendations delivered right to you based on your preferences, lists and activity so you can quickly discover new, qualified prospects. Each recommendation also comes with a personalized fit score so that you can understand why they might be a good match.

View recommended companies by clicking Recommended in the top navigation bar. The recommendations page will display data like company location, size, revenue and industry. When you find a recommendation that meets your ideal customer profile, click Save to add it to a custom list or Push to send it to Salesforce in one click. Access contact data for decision-makers and tailor your outreach with company insights to stand out from the competition.


3. See companies that resemble your closed deals

With Crunchbase Pro, you also get access to similar companies, a new feature that automatically surfaces the accounts you should know about. If you’re a sales professional, this is a great way to learn about new companies that resemble your recently closed deals and helps you save time on manual search. 

Access this feature using the similar companies tab on any company profile. You’ll get quick facts about new prospecting opportunities–based on key attributes like industry, revenue and growth signals–so you can qualify on the spot.


4. Track and monitor prospects with alerts

Did you stumble upon a company in Crunchbase you don’t want to forget? Create daily or weekly alerts to keep an eye on important prospects and accounts. Receive notifications for key buy signals, such as when a prospect announces a funding round, is acquired, hires new leadership or is mentioned in the news. 

To set up alerts, go to My Saved Searches or My Lists on the left-hand panel of your homepage. Then, click the gear icon on the left to customize your notifications.

5. Reach decision-makers with verified contact data

With Crunchbase Pro, you’ll not only get important information about companies of interest, but you’ll also unlock verified contact information for key decision-makers. Get access to 10 free contacts each month so that you can reach out to the right people and close deals even faster.

To access a list of verified contacts, navigate to the People tab on any company profile. You’ll quickly be able to view the number of contacts available, and use filters such as job title, department and name to identify the most strategic people to connect with.


6. Streamline your workflow by syncing with your CRM

Crunchbase Pro lets you sync accounts directly to your CRM. This reduces the time you’d otherwise spend on data entry so you can quickly move prospects through the sales pipeline.

When you find new companies and contacts that meet your ideal customer profile, save them to Salesforce or HubSpot with the click of a button. Once an account is in your CRM, Crunchbase automatically sends your CRM company data that you can leverage for outreach. You can even enable automatic email alerts so you can track when a prospect raises money.

7. Build your pipeline faster with sales integrations

If you’re a sales prospector, simplify your workflow with Crunchbase’s Outreach integration. Using these sales tools together, you can combine their forces and streamline prospecting.

Start by using Crunchbase Pro to find verified contact information for company decision-makers. Once you find contacts relevant to you, push them to Outreach or assign them to an existing Outreach sequence. Then, set alerts for these contacts to get notified about key buying signals, such as new funding rounds and leadership hires, so you can reach out with personalized messages.


8. Reach decision-makers with pre-built email templates

Take advantage of the contact data and email templates on Crunchbase, and send a message to your prospects without leaving the platform. Crunchbase’s pre-built email templates are automatically customized with smart facts, such as job title or last funding round, to help you generate more responses.

Integrate your email by going to Account Settings and selecting Integrations. From there, click Connect Email. All emails are sent from your email client so they’ll be organized in your inbox.


9. Import existing lists for data-driven insights

Do you have a lead list outside of Crunchbase that you want to enrich with more data? You can import a list of prospects, customers or portfolio companies directly into Crunchbase to gather data about them right away. Crunchbase will automatically find their information and start tracking updates for you.

Start by creating a CSV file of your own or filling in this template. Then, upload it using the Upload File button. This list will automatically be saved to the My Lists section of your Crunchbase account.


10. Export search results for deeper analysis

Want to analyze your company list outside of Crunchbase? Crunchbase Pro users can export up to 5,000 rows per month from their searches into a CSV file. That way, you can manipulate the data you’ve sourced through Crunchbase and analyze trends to strengthen your prospecting, market research or investment strategy.

Export your results by clicking the Export button in the top right-hand corner of your search and selecting Export as CSV. Then, save the file directly to Excel, Google Sheets, OpenOffice or your preferred analysis program.

11. Be the first to know with your personalized homepage

Get an at-a-glance snapshot of the most relevant companies on your personalized homepage. Discover the top companies with buying power in your territory, get updates on the latest funding rounds and acquisitions and learn which companies are trending this week. You’ll also get custom suggestions of other companies to follow based on your preferences and activity.

12. Prospect anywhere with the Crunchbase Chrome extension

Another Crunchbase Pro hack? You can use the Crunchbase Chrome extension to access Crunchbase data directly from the platforms and websites you’re already working on, without having to change your workflow.

Whether you’re on LinkedIn, Salesforce or a company website, the Crunchbase Chrome extension will display best-in-class proprietary data. You’ll uncover verified contact information for the right people at the qualified companies, all without leaving the page. With the Crunchbase Chrome extension, you can leverage everything you love about Crunchbase Pro from any page.

  • Originally published May 28, 2020, updated March 20, 2023