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Crunchbase Customer Reviews

Explore how companies use Crunchbase to build and grow their business.

Crunchbase Pro


"We now spend a fraction of the time we used to on research, lead generation, and qualification."

Valor Partners

"It’s helped me win new clients, and deliver incredible results and prospects to my customers."


“In order to grow, we segment our prospect base and test new markets with Crunchbase Pro.”


“It’s 1/10 of the price of other alternatives, but with so much more functionality.“

Innovation Scout

"We get the insight we don’t have on the financing of innovative companies."


"We have more than 40 complex company searches built out at any time."

Crunchbase Enterprise


“Crunchbase made our new exploratory project possible.”

Oliver Wyman

"We have exactly the data we need - and it’s easy to retrieve it."


"The Crunchbase Salesforce Integration has become an integral part of the entire Sales team life cycle. "

Crunchbase for Applications


“We have saved each of our users 6 to 7 hours a month of research.”


“When people think about funding data, they think of Crunchbase.”

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