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billed annually




Page viewsiUsers can view unlimited company, people, and investor profiles on

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

One-off searchesiAll users can search for any organization on’s top navigation.

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Search filtersiUsers can add search filters by clicking the search type on the left-hand navigation.

2 filters Unlimited Unlimited

Search resultsiDepending on your plan you may be limited to viewing all search results.

5 results 1,000 records Unlimited

Export functionalityiPro users can export up their search results to a CSV file while Enterprise users receive access to our data via our CSV and/or API.

1,000 records Unlimited




My Follows listiAdd organizations you want to keep track of to your My Follows list.

Alerts on your My FollowsiCustomize how frequently you’d like to see email notifications on the companies you’re tracking in your My Follows list.

Crunchbase DailyiThe Crunchbase Daily is our weekday newsletter. It reviews the most important headlines and funding announcements you should know about, curated from our editorial team.

Boosted features



No adsiPro users don’t see third-party ads on Crunchbase.

Custom listsiBuild custom lists based off searches or from Crunchbase profiles.

Statistics featureiSee average, median, min, max, and total of any column.

Charts on profilesiSee data visualization on Crunchbase profiles.

Personalized email alertsiReceive custom alerts when a company raises a round, is mentioned in the news, or is acquired.

Sharing functionality for searchesiShare any personal searches you’ve built with Pro.




API accessiEnterprise and Applications licensees have access to the full Crunchbase API.

CSV exportiCrunchbase makes a CSV export available for developers seeking to access Crunchbase data without coding against the REST API.

Crunchbase Salesforce integrationiEnrich your Salesforce account with company data.

Comprehensive insights



Firmographic data

Funding and investor data

Competitor dataiFree for registered users

Mobile app metricsiFree for registered users

App analyticsiFree for registered users

Premium data add-ons


Email support
Self-serve knowledge center
Priority email support
Priority chat support
Dedicated customer success manager
Individualized onboarding
Tailored path to success




Pro seatsiPro users can add Pro seats from their account settings. Enterprise packages are customizable and can include Pro seats as well.

Custom Custom

API callsiEnterprise users get unlimited API calls.


Payment by invoiceiSet up flexible payment by invoice.


Crunchbase API licensing plans



For companies who want to add Crunchbase data directly in their customer-facing application.

Learn more about Crunchbase for Applications

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"Crunchbase Pro has become a critical tool in prospecting and saves us lots of time. It's our guiding star as we grow our business."

Manohar K., Business and Growth Manager, AppVirality, Crunchbase Pro customerr

"Within the first month of having the Crunchbase Salesforce Integration, they were able to significantly reduce prospecting time and easily create personalized messages to better connect with their ideal buyer."

Margaret Weniger, Direct or Sales, SaaSOptics, Crunchbase Enterprise customer

"Crunchbase is a key part of our research because of its depth and breadth around high growth companies, and now we can search with Crunchbase Pro's feature-rich UI."

Dan W.. Co-founder and Managing Partner, RevelOne, Crunchbase Pro customer

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Crunchbase's pricing work?

Crunchbase’s pricing is broken up into four plans: Crunchbase Pro, Crunchbase Enterprise, and Crunchbase for Applications. The free version of Crunchbase is available for any individual with a registered Crunchbase account. Crunchbase Pro costs $29.00 per user per month and is billed annually. Crunchbase Enterprise gives customers access to our complete API and database and is customized based on the chosen endpoints and the number of people you have in your team or organization.

What’s the difference between Crunchbase Pro and the free version of Crunchbase?

Crunchbase Pro gives you unlimited access to our premium search tools, exclusive charts data, as well as an ad-free experience.

What’s the difference between Crunchbase Pro and Crunchbase Enterprise?

Crunchbase Pro lets you create multiple custom lists, save dynamic searches, and export search results all directly in the Crunchbase platform. Crunchbase Enterprise is built for teams and gives you access to our full dataset via API or CSV export, integration with Salesforce, and multiple Pro seats.

What is included with Crunchbase Pro?

Crunchbase Pro was built on top of our Crunchbase data to give our users more functionality. With Crunchbase Pro you will receive access to advanced search, charts on company profiles, statistics, alerts, premium data filters, and the functionality to export to CSV. Please note, free trial users are not able to export data.

How much does Crunchbase Pro cost?

Crunchbase Pro is $29 per month, paid annually. Annual subscriptions are paid upfront in full.

How will I be billed for Crunchbase Pro?

We currently offer an annual subscription for Crunchbase Pro. Annual subscriptions are paid upfront in full.

What are my payment options for Crunchbase Pro?

At this time, we accept credit card payments through our website: While we don’t offer a way to pay by invoice, we do provide a receipt after the purchase has been made!

Does the Crunchbase Pro subscription auto-renew?

Yes. To help you continue your Crunchbase Pro experience, subscriptions are set to auto-renew after each billing cycle.

What are the export limits?

Crunchbase Pro users can export unlimited times up to 1,000 entity results per export from their Crunchbase Pro searches into a CSV. Free trial users are not able to export any results.

How do I access Crunchbase's API?

API access is not included with Crunchbase Pro. However, we do license out our data with Crunchbase Enterprise for internal use. If you’re interested in using Crunchbase data directly in your product, Crunchbase for Applications is the right plan for you.