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Actionable Company Data with Crunchbase Pro Pricing and Plans

Customize layout
Take control of your Crunchbase experience and personalize what data you see first on profile pages.
Advanced search
Monitoring + alerts
Get automatic alerts on growth signals for the companies you follow.
Build + share lists
Visualize Crunchbase data with smart charts on profile pages.
No third-party ads
Excel exports
Perform your own analysis with daily exports of the full dataset with Enterprise. 1,000 export limit per search with Crunchbase Pro. Export is not available to Trial users.
API access
Salesforce integration
Access recent news, funding, acquisition, and investor information right in your Salesforce instance.
Dedicated Customer Success Team

View profiles + contribute data

Advanced Search + Monitoring
$ 29 /mo
Billed Annually

Internal Data Licensing for Teams
Annual Agreement

Crunchbase for Applications

Power your product with Crunchbase data: funding activity, investors, news, and more via API.

Add Marketplace Data

Marketplace brings additional data to Crunchbase for deeper company insights.

"Without access to Crunchbase Enterprise, we would not be able to do the industry-specific landscape analysis our clients need."

Stephane R., Senior Knowledge Expert, Oliver Wyman

"With Crunchbase data in Salesforce, we're able to better prioritize our time. We save a lot of time on lead qualification, and it's benefited our entire business."

Charlie L., Director of Marketing, Engagio

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be billed for Crunchbase Pro?

We currently offer an annual subscription for Crunchbase Pro. Annual subscriptions are paid upfront in full.

What are my payment options for Crunchbase Pro?

At this time, we accept credit card payments through our website:
While we don’t offer a way to pay by invoice, we do provide a receipt after the purchase has been made!

Does the Crunchbase Pro subscription auto-renew?

Yes. To help you continue your Crunchbase Pro experience, subscriptions are set to auto-renew after each billing cycle.

What are the export limits?

Crunchbase Pro users can export unlimited times up to 1,000 entity results per export from their Crunchbase Pro searches into a CSV.

Is API access included?

API access is not included with Crunchbase Pro. However, we do license out our data with Crunchbase Enterprise.