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Crunchbase Enterprise:

The All-in-One Prospecting Software
Built for Teams

Prospecting software that enables your entire team to find the right companies to target at scale,
identify the right people at these companies to contact, and connect with the decision-makers
who can move deals forward – all in one solution.

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Help Your Team Find and Close
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Discover qualified accounts with buying power

  • Advanced search: Use advanced search to surface companies that match your target criteria, leverage buy signals to qualify prospects in a position to make a deal, then keep tabs on them with alerts.
  • Shared notes and tags: Prioritize prospects and scale workflows by adding shared notes or tags to help your team to collaborate.
  • Recommendations: Discover new prospects with company recommendations delivered right to you, based on your preferences, lists, and unique activity within Crunchbase.
  • CRM integrations: Push accounts to Salesforce or HubSpot, see CRM account details, and filter by your CRM data in advanced search to streamline the process of finding net new qualified accounts and resurfacing stale leads.

Find the right people to connect with using verified contact data

  • Searchable contact data: Leverage advanced search to find qualified companies that have verified contact data, use filters like job title to surface the right people to connect with, and export contacts that you’ve viewed to perform your own analysis.
  • CRM integrations: Push contacts to Salesforce or HubSpot, including fields like name, company, title, phone, and email to automate your workflow.
  • Assured compliance: Crunchbase contact data is refreshed monthly, reviewed by our team of data experts, and monitored for compliance with industry regulations like CCPA and GDPR.

Connect with decision-makers using intelligent outreach right within Crunchbase

  • Suggested templates and snippets: Cut through the noise by sending intelligent email templates tailored to prospects or add snippets that integrate Crunchbase insights about them into your team’s outreach.
  • Dynamic variables: Create effective messages that are relevant to prospects by inserting dynamic variables powered by Crunchbase data.
  • Outreach integration: Push key decision-makers from Crunchbase directly to Outreach sequences with one click.

Enterprise Data Enrichment

Add actionable data to the tools your team uses
to grow your business.

Bulk CSV Export

CRM Enrichment

Unlimited API Connection

Finds High-Growth Prospects at Scale

“Crunchbase is the only solution that let’s AEs find the right accounts and the right people because it shows us where the money is. We could not do our job without it.”

Katie Harkins, Senior Director of SMB Sales

Achieved a 50% Email Open Rate

“Automated, outbound campaigns are only as effective as the list they’re targeting. With unique funding data and other insights, Crunchbase Enterprise is the best way for us to create targeted lists of newly-funded accounts that are ready to buy.”

Isabelle Bray, Head of Marketing Campaigns