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Bring company and funding data directly to your product from a source trusted by millions.

Create New Revenue Streams

Why find data from scratch when you can use best-in-class data from Crunchbase?
With our proprietary data, you can bring your product ideas to market faster.

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“Excellent tool for business intelligence”

Power Your Platform

Use Crunchbase’s live company data to enhance sales prospecting tools, recruiting platforms, financial analysis tools and more. Seamlessly integrate the entire Crunchbase dataset into your product with a flexible API.

Best-in-Class Data You Can Trust

Our AI and machine learning algorithms, plus an in-house team of data experts, pull and validate data from thousands of news sources, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Why Customers Love Us

“We can’t surface information to our customers that isn’t accurate. Crunchbase’s data quality is great and we’ve only heard positive feedback from our customers.”

Dan, Global Account Manager, Entelo

Why Customers Love Us

“With Crunchbase, I am able to quickly find all the information I need – like location, headcount or funding information – to find the right people. I can also fine-tune my criteria to hone in on 100 companies or go a bit wider to get a list of 50,000 companies. I know that I can always rely on Crunchbase to provide me with quality data to help me reach out to the right people!”

Jake H., Founder, Sales on Demand

Why Customers Love Us

“Crunchbase data is integral to our Prospect Intelligence platform. We have saved each user 6 to 7 hours of research per month, enabling our customers to see a complete picture of their target audience at a glance.”

Hugo S., Senior Product Manager, Outreach

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