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See how Crunchbase Pro can help you do even more with Crunchbase with these top Pro features:

🔍 Unlimited search filters
➕ Add and sort column data
📊 Export functionality, not available in trial 
💾 Save custom searches

Discover innovative companies 🔍

Find what you’re looking for with unlimited search filters and get granular with advanced search. Get access to exclusive search filters to find your next investor, customer, or competitor.

Stay up to date with custom alerts 🚨

We’ll notify you of the latest news as it happens. Get customizable alerts on funding rounds, acquisitions, and news directly to your inbox when you save a search.

Track companies you care about ⚡️

Organize your Crunchbase and create multiple lists based on the topics you care about. Export unlimited times up to 1,000 entity results per export into a CSV for additional analysis and company research.

Features included with Crunchbase Pro

Advanced search

Add unlimited search filters.

Personalized alerts

Set custom alerts based on your preferences.

Competitive analysis tools

Benchmark against your competition with our statistics feature.

Data visualization

Access charts directly on Crunchbase profiles for quick analysis.

Why our customers love us

"For 15 years I have been using the same product, but Crunchbase Pro immediately blew it out of the water with the search tool’s level of detail and granularity."

Doug J., Founder and President, Valor Partners

“Now we are able to be far more targeted, with more direction and focus. Crunchbase Pro is helping us grow faster than we predicted.”

Manohar K. Business and Growth Manager, AppVirality

"The sophistication of Crunchbase Pro lets us go deeper than other sources can. We can have more than 40 complex company searches built out at any time, so the ability to save, slice, and group them efficiently lets us build the strategic market maps we need.”

Dan W. Co-founder and Managing Part of RevelOne

Add even more data to
Crunchbase Pro with Marketplace

Add more data to your Crunchbase with Crunchbase Pro + Data boost

Upgrade your company research. Marketplace includes 10+ third-party data sources to directly integrate into Crunchbase. Add additional data to your Crunchbase Pro searches or view additional data on Crunchbase profile pages.

Spend less time clicking through tabs and more time becoming the next unicorn. Access data like:

  • Software products in use
  • Revenue estimates
  • What companies are actively searching
  • Web traffic information
  • IT spend


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