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Use unlimited filters to find companies that matter. Save your search and get alerts on new matches.


Visually analyze company data right on profile pages, including funding, investor activity, and more.


Get custom alerts for the companies in your saved searches and lists to stay updated in real-time.

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Proprietary algorithms rank profiles, so you can see what matters most in real-time.

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Stay ahead of the curve on the latest market trends with quick, powerful analytics on our real-time data.

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Perform your own analysis for deeper insights in Excel or your CRM. Download up to 1,000 search results.

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“With Crunchbase Pro, our teams spend a fraction of the time they used to on research, lead generation, and qualification.”

Charlie L., Director of Marketing, Engagio

“In order to grow, we segment our prospect base and test new markets with Crunchbase Pro.”

Nicolas M., Growth Manager, Spendesk

"It’s helped me win new clients, and deliver incredible results and prospects to my customers."

Doug J., Founder and President, Valor Partners

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