28 Best AI Tools to Use in 2024

Whether you’re chatting with coworkers or browsing social media, you’re almost guaranteed to come across talk of artificial intelligence. Generative AI has become particularly trendy in recent years, with ChatGPT startling the world in November 2022 with its human-like conversational abilities.

Today, AI has become a strategic priority for businesses, with 77% of companies either using or or exploring the use of AI. We’re now seeing the emergence of a variety of AI tools, from productivity software to health tech. 

What are AI tools?

AI tools are platforms that use artificial intelligence to perform specific tasks. They encompass various AI capabilities such as machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analytics.

The purpose of AI software is to automate processes, analyze data, make predictions, recognize patterns and generate insights. Ultimately, this enables businesses and individuals to enhance productivity, make informed decisions, improve customer experiences and innovate across different sectors.

28 Best AI tools in 2024

We’ve taken a look at the different AI tools you can use to enhance your day-to-day work and meet your professional goals. These platforms range from marketing and sales tools to analytics software and more. Here are the 28 essential AI tools of 2024:

1. Crunchbase

Best for: Intelligent company insights

Crunchbase is an AI-powered platform that delivers best-in-class company data such as funding information, acquisitions data, company headcount, location and more. Its AI algorithms suggest companies you might be interested in, analyze company growth and automatically alert you when a company exhibits key buy signals, ultimately helping you identify and prioritize the right opportunities. Whether you’re conducting private company research, looking for investment opportunities or prospecting for B2B leads, you can use Crunchbase to surface intelligent insights on the companies you care about. Learn about Crunchbase pricing here.

Crunchbase AI buy signal alerts

2. Jasper

Best for: Content generation

Jasper is an AI software with natural language processing capabilities, harnessing artificial intelligence to generate human-like text based on user inputs. Powered by deep learning algorithms, Jasper grasps context, semantics and language intricacies, helping you quickly create top-notch content, craft product descriptions and automate other text generation tasks. 

3. Tableau

Best for: Data visualization and analysis

Tableau AI seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence-powered functionalities into its data visualization platform to elevate data analysis and decision-making processes. Leveraging AI algorithms for quick data discovery, trend spotting and predictive analytics, Tableau AI enables users to uncover actionable insights from intricate datasets and craft interactive visualizations. 

4. ChatGPT

Best for: Conversational AI and customer support

ChatGPT stands out as one of the best AI tools. An AI-powered chatbot, it uses natural language processing and machine learning to facilitate conversational interactions. By harnessing large language models like GPT-3, ChatGPT comprehends user queries, delivers pertinent responses and simulates human-like conversations. The AI-driven chatbot capabilities of ChatGPT can be used by businesses to enhance customer support, automate responses, and elevate user engagement across diverse industries and applications. When it comes to using AI for small businesses, the tool’s wide range of functionalities makes it a strong choice.

5. Zapier

Best for: Workflow automation

Zapier is a workflow automation tool that helps you quickly integrate different apps and automate tasks without the need to create custom code. The platform enables users to build personalized workflows, automate repetitive tasks and reduce manual processes between platforms. Zapier has also recently created a customizable AI chatbot for automating customer conversations and nurturing leads. 

6. Grammarly

Best for: Writing enhancement

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that aids users in enhancing their writing quality by checking for grammar and spelling errors, suggesting style improvements and ensuring consistency in communication. As one of the most versatile AI tools, Grammarly can analyze text in real-time and can provide instant feedback on emails, marketing copy, presentations and more.

7. GitHub Copilot

Best for: Code assistance

GitHub Copilot is a code assistant that uses AI and machine learning models to help developers write code faster and more efficiently. By analyzing context, code patterns and natural language inputs, GitHub Copilot provides code suggestions, autocompletions and even entire code snippets, accelerating the coding process and reducing manual coding efforts.

8. Gong

Best for: Sales enablement

There are many use cases of AI for sales, from outreach automation to conversation analysis. Gong’s conversation analysis platform AI-powered sales enablement software that extracts insights from sales conversations in order to provide actionable recommendations for sales professionals. By capturing and analyzing data from meetings and calls, Gong helps sales teams better understand customer needs and ultimately improve performance.


Best for: Image generation

DALL-E is an AI-powered image generation model developed by OpenAI that creates unique and realistic visual content based on textual descriptions. Using deep learning techniques, DALL-E can generate diverse and imaginative images, making it a valuable tool for content creators looking to generate visual content quickly and creatively.

10. Drift

Best for: Conversational marketing

Drift is an AI tool that uses chatbots and automation to engage website visitors, qualify leads and personalize customer interactions. Drift’s AI chatbots help provide real-time customer support, capture leads and guide prospects through the sales funnel, improving the customer experience while freeing up time for marketing and sales teams.

11. Monday.com

Best for: Project management

Monday AI is an AI-powered project management platform that streamlines workflows, automates tasks and provides insights for teams. Using AI and machine learning algorithms, its features include workflow automation, content generation and automated topic recaps. While Monday.com has long been a powerful team collaboration tool, its new AI capabilities enable users to quickly turn abstract ideas into specific, actionable tasks to achieve an even faster workflow. Plus, the Monday CRM integrates with Crunchbase’s live company data, enabling users leverage the power of both tools to quickly identify qualified opportunities and inform outreach. 

12. Fliki

Best for: Video creation

Fliki is an AI video creation tool that simplifies the process of creating engaging and professional videos. Leveraging AI algorithms for video editing, scene transitions and visual effects, Fliki enables marketing teams and other professionals to produce high-quality videos quickly and efficiently. The platform’s features include text-to-speech, voiceover generation and video enhancement, making it easy to create video campaigns, product tutorials and more. 

13. Leena AI

Best for: HR automation

Leena AI is an human resources automation software that streamlines HR processes and automates routine HR tasks. As a generative AI-powered employee assistant, Leena AI assists with employee onboarding, HR inquiries, leave management and employee engagement, freeing HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives and talent development.

14. Fireflies

Best for: Meeting documentation

Fireflies is an AI-powered meeting automation platform that helps teams capture, transcribe and analyze meeting conversations. This AI tool uses intelligent algorithms to extract action items, highlight key insights and generate automatic meeting summaries. Teams can also use the platform to comment on the conversation and share notes, improving meeting productivity and enhancing collaboration among team members.

15. Mem

Best for: Knowledge sharing

Mem is an AI-powered notes app that helps teams capture, organize and share knowledge effectively. By using AI algorithms, Mem can dig up answers from your notes, generate automated meeting note summaries, and write and organize content for you. By facilitating the note-taking and documentation processes, Mem helps entrepreneurs and professionals with a variety of everyday tasks, including drafting pitches and documenting information at networking events and conferences.

16. Salesforce

Best for: Customer relationship management

Salesforce’s AI for sales solution uses generative AI to automate tasks, facilitate data-driven decision-making, and guide sellers toward closing deals. The platform’s AI assistant, Einstein Copilot, can generate personalized sales emails, synthesize key information from sales calls, and develop a customized action plan for closing deals. For an even faster, more automated workflow, Salesforce integrates with Crunchbase so you can push Crunchbase’s proprietary company data directly to your Salesforce CRM.

17. Looka

Best for: Branding and design

Looka is an AI-powered branding and design platform that assists businesses in creating professional logos, brand assets and marketing materials. Using AI design algorithms, Looka generates personalized branding options, suggests design elements and helps businesses establish a consistent brand identity across their website, social platforms, packaging and more.

18. Murf

Best for: Text-to-speech conversion

Murf is an AI tool that enables users to convert text into natural-sounding speech. By using advanced AI algorithms for speech synthesis, Murf allows users to create high-quality audio content, including voiceovers for videos, podcasts, presentations and voice-enabled applications. With its text-to-speech capabilities, Murf helps marketers, corporate coaches and customer service reps create professional videos and presentations, enhancing engagement and accessibility for their audiences.

19. Adobe Sensei

Best for: Customer analysis

Adobe Sensei is integrated across the Adobe Experience Cloud product portfolio. It uses AI and machine learning technology to gather customer data, deliver insights and design end-to-end journeys based on customer behaviors and engagement preferences. Using this AI tool, businesses can predict customer actions and generate more impactful marketing campaigns.

20. Optimizely

Best for: Experimentation and optimization

Optimizely One, an optimization platform and powerful AI tool, integrates artificial intelligence throughout the entire marketing lifecycle and across every customer interaction. It offers generative AI capabilities, intelligent insights and automated suggestions to enhance effectiveness and productivity. The platform’s smart AI assistant, Opal, accelerates every aspect of marketing, including campaign planning, copy and image generation, and targeted content delivery to customers. 

21. Outreach

Best for: Sales engagement

Outreach’s AI-powered selling capabilities help sales teams make smarter decisions using sentiment analysis, integrated A/B testing of outreach messages, automated speech recognition and more. This high-powered technology digests billions of weekly insights so that it can learn and improve on an ongoing basis, helping sales teams engage prospects even more effectively, track interactions and close deals faster. Outreach also integrates with Crunchbase so that sales teams can use Crunchbase’s best-in-class data and then connect with prospects directly within Crunchbase.

22. Google Ads

Best for: Online advertising

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that helps businesses create, manage and optimize digital ad campaigns. Its AI algorithms help you discover new customers and identify new advertising opportunities. With smart bidding, ad targeting and performance optimization, Google Ads enables advertisers to reach their target audience, maximize ROI and drive conversions across Google’s advertising network.

23. Zendesk

Best for: Customer support and engagement

Zendesk AI is an intelligent customer support and engagement platform that offers features such as automated ticketing, sentiment analysis, and chatbot integration. With AI capabilities based on real customer service interactions, Zendesk AI helps customer experience representatives provide personalized support, surface relevant information quickly and resolve tickets even faster.

24. H2O.ai

Best for: Scalable machine learning and AI

H2O.ai is an open-source AI platform for building and training large language models. This platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to help developers deploy, manage and monitor the production of new models, simplifying and democratizing the creation of AI tools for a variety of use cases.

25. theGist

Best for: Workflow consolidation

TheGist is a unified AI-powered workspace that consolidates all your communications and notifications within a single platform. TheGist integrates summaries of Slack channels and threads, Gmail messages and other platforms so you can quickly fill yourself in on relevant discussions. It also leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to surface important, high-priority tasks so you know what to tackle first. 

26. Instantly

Best for: Outreach and lead generation

Instantly is a lead generation tool that scales email outreach campaigns with AI-powered workflows. It helps teams optimize their cold emails by surfacing and verifying relevant contacts. Instantly also offers a completely automated warmup tool to keep your emails out of spam and improve your sending reputation.

27. HubSpot

Best for: Digital branding

HubSpot AI elevates an already popular platform to the status of an advanced artificial intelligence tool. It includes a wide range of powerful AI capabilities designed to drive both efficiency and creativity for marketing and website creation, including an automated website generator, an AI-powered content writer and a social media caption generator. HubSpot also integrates with Crunchbase so that users of the HubSpot CRM can quickly discover new prospects and push them to HubSpot automatically.

28. Claude

Best for: Secure content generation

Created by Anthropic, Claude is a family of foundational AI models that can help businesses perform a wide range of functions. These include performing complex cognitive tasks, transcribing and analyzing static images, generating code and creating multilingual content. Claude is particularly known for its focus on safety, security and ethics. It’s trained to recognize toxic prompts, avoid biased responses and share factual information, and it also prioritizes data security and user privacy.

Work smarter with AI tools

AI software includes a wide range of solutions that enhance productivity, streamline workflows, improve decision-making and drive innovation across industries. Artificial intelligence is already integral to the modern work environment, enabling businesses and individuals to make more intelligent, data-driven decisions and operate more efficiently. As AI tools advance and become even more prevalent, they will continue to drive positive outcomes and shape the way all of us work.

  • Originally published April 17, 2024, updated May 16, 2024