Act on Accounts Faster: The New Crunchbase Salesforce Integration

In the throes of tightening budgets and widespread layoffs, sales teams are facing a near impossible challenge: close more deals, with less resources, in less time. In an effort to ease this burden, we’re rolling out a new, highly requested feature.

Introducing the new Salesforce integration feature. Now Pro and Enterprise users can sync accounts directly from Crunchbase to Salesforce, speeding up their prospecting workflow, and reducing time spent on manual data entry.


Bring the best of Crunchbase to Salesforce

With our new Salesforce integration, sales development representatives (SDRs) and account executives (AEs) can now: 

  • Go from research to outreach in a few clicks: Find accounts that meet your ideal customer profile (ICP) using Crunchbase search filters, or use our new profile experience to learn about a specific company. When you find accounts that meet your ICP, save them directly from Crunchbase to Salesforce.  
  • Focus on selling, not data entry: See which accounts are already in Salesforce and avoid record duplication. When you find and save a new account from Crunchbase to Salesforce, we’ll also save the basic company information you’ll need to personalize your outreach.
  • Own & track your accounts: With fierce competition among SDRs and AEs, sometimes the first challenge is claiming an account. Any account you save from Crunchbase to Salesforce will be under your name. We’ll also help you stay on top of all your accounts in Salesforce & email you when they’ve raised money.

“60% of my net new opportunities come from accounts I find on Crunchbase. Now, with the Salesforce integration, I get to save time doing less data entry, which means I can focus more on closing these opportunities.”

– Kyle O’Connor, Account Executive

Get the step-by-step guide and learn tips & tricks for making the most of our new Salesforce integration. Log in now to connect Crunchbase to Salesforce.


Enrich all of Salesforce with Crunchbase Enterprise

Do you manage a large sales team with an aggressive quota? Our Salesforce integration for Crunchbase Enterprise might be an even better fit for you. With it you can bring Crunchbase data to all of your team’s Salesforce accounts. 

The Salesforce integration for Crunchbase Enterprise allows you to:

  • Enrich all new and existing Salesforce account records with Crunchbase’s firmographic & comprehensive financial data (that’s 40+ data fields). Now you can understand a company’s buying potential within Salesforce and perfectly time your outreach. 
  • Never worry about stale data. We’ll update your Salesforce account records automatically. 

Talk to us to learn more about our Salesforce integration for Crunchbase Enterprise. 


Making Crunchbase a more powerful prospecting tool

We’ve been hard at work finding new ways to make prospecting with Crunchbase even easier. Our search feature helps you find accounts that meet your ICP, faster. Our new profiles highlight the most valuable company information so you can personalize outreach. Our growth signals help you perfectly time outreach. And this is only the beginning. 

We’re constantly gathering feedback to ensure we’re providing solutions that make your job easier. Do you have thoughts about our new features, a recommendation for a future CRM integration, or ideas about how we can make Crunchbase a better prospecting tool? Send us a note at and let us know how we can make Crunchbase work for you.

  • Originally published August 25, 2020, updated December 24, 2021