A New Way to Find Deals: Leadership Hire

Finding new opportunities is imperative for business survival, yet in many ways more challenging than ever before.

That’s why, in addition to existing signals like funding rounds, news events, and acquisitions, we are launching a new leadership hire signal to help you better identify companies that have the capacity, and resources, to buy a product or service. 


Introducing Leadership Hire

Crunchbase’s leadership hire data will help you easily identify when companies have added a new executive (VP and above) to their leadership team, indicating that a company is expanding and that a new decision-maker is on board. Leadership hire is available as a filter on search, as well as on a company’s Crunchbase profile. You can use leadership hire to:

  • Identify new prospects: In search, you can filter companies by those who’ve had leadership hires within a specific timeframe or date range to find the ones that are growing. Identify new decision-makers, personalize outreach to prospects and customers and beat your competition to the deal.
  • Evaluate & research existing prospects: Company leadership hires are important signs of growth, and often indicate new company priorities and budget changes. Go to a prospect’s Crunchbase company profile to determine if they have recently hired new executives and dig into the news context to learn more. 

Check out this list of FinTech companies with leadership hires in Q2 2020. Interested to learn more? Get the step-by-step instructions on how to search and research leadership hires on our Knowledge Center:

Please note that the data is available only for companies that have had a leadership hire since December 2019. 

Leadership hire signal in-product screenshot

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  • Originally published July 9, 2020, updated April 26, 2023