All New Ways to Find Opportunities in Crunchbase

This is one of the hardest times in recent memory for businesses trying to forge new deals or find new opportunities. In addition to the human impact, the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 has affected many parts of the economy. Despite these challenges, we’re still seeing pockets of success–from companies getting funding, to booming sectors, to major software purchase deals–and we want to help our community see these hot spots, too. Where there is success, there’s also opportunity.

So today we’re launching a better way to find the companies that matter, a personalized homepage that gets you there faster and an expanded dataset with even more companies. 

We spent hundreds of hours interviewing users to help us understand how to design a better Crunchbase. It was clear from the research that users were being overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite options to slice and dice our data. So we completely redesigned our search capabilities to make it easier than ever for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

    • Intuitive filters: Users can now add and remove filters easily to refine search results on the fly.
    • Live updates: As you change filters, results update in real-time to show you the latest matches.
    • Save and alerts: We’ve made it easier to save frequently used searches which also alert you automatically when there are new matching results.

Redesigned search: 

Crunchbase new search companies with intuitive filters

Previous search:

Crunchbase pro search companies

A Homepage Designed for You

The next time you log in at you will see a new, personalized homepage just for you. Your homepage now gives you one destination to see a snapshot of what’s new with the profiles you care about. New elements include:

  • Activity feed: See all important updates on the companies you care about, including their latest funding rounds, acquisitions and general news–all in one place. 
  • Quick access to saved work: Find your saved lists and searches easily from your homepage, as well as other features like import list, etc. 
  • Personalized suggestions: At the top of your activity feed, you’ll see companies we suggest you follow based on your Crunchbase activity. 

Activity feed:

Crunchbase activity feed

Custom alerts:

Save lists and set custom alerts with Crunchbase

More Actionable Data

At a time when having access to reliable company information is crucial, we’re working hard to uncover new data points that will help signal company growth and buying power. Some of our investments include:

  • Global data growth: In addition to our comprehensive coverage of North American private companies, we’ve invested heavily in expanding our global coverage. To start, we’ve focused on the U.K. and Asia, and we have plans to expand even farther.   
  • More proprietary information: We’re continuously adding new first-party data, contributed directly to Crunchbase by a growing network of founders, venture capital firms, accelerators, independent professionals and governments.
  • Data team: We have grown a dedicated team of data specialists who are adding, vetting and enriching data on a daily basis. We’ve also built proprietary AI tools to assist in those efforts and scale the team across millions of data points.

Coming Soon to Crunchbase

New search, personalized homepage and data growth are just the beginning. We have several more updates launching in the coming months, including:

  • Salesforce integration: Soon, Crunchbase Pro customers will be able to save prospects directly to their Salesforce instance. This is a major step in our effort to improve the sales prospecting process on Crunchbase. Want to be the first to know when this new feature is available? Sign up here to receive early access.
  • Updated look for profiles: We’re working on a new company profile layout that highlights important insights, so you get what you need at a glance. The new profiles will also offer quick ways to track and organize company information using Crunchbase or by syncing to Salesforce.
  • New signals: In addition to existing signals like funding rounds and acquisitions, we are launching new indicators of a company’s readiness to buy or do business. The first new signal will be leadership hires, which can indicate company growth, and with it, potential new purchasing needs.
  • API v4.0: Our API is also getting an upgrade. API v4.0 gives users refined search capabilities that deliver only the data they’re looking for, along with increased reliability and speeds up to 10x faster to help streamline workflows.

Our Commitment to Continued Improvement 

The world around us is changing faster than ever and you don’t have time to waste trying to find a needle in a haystack. That’s why we’re dedicated to making it easier for our users to find the information and opportunities that matter to them. 

We hope that today’s new features, and those still to come, will help you and your business. Whether you’re a salesperson hoping to close more deals, an entrepreneur looking for investors, or an investor searching for new investment opportunities, we are here to help.

  • Originally published April 23, 2020, updated December 27, 2021