10 Companies to Watch on the LeadSift List of Resilient Companies

2020 has been nothing short of a whirlwind. As the ups and downs of a volatile economy have businesses on high alert, keeping the lights on requires more than just weathering the storm. 

For businesses this means finding ways to adapt to new circumstances, and setting themselves up for long-term viability with actions and decisions that will lay the foundation for rapid recovery and long-term growth. Many companies have found ways to do just that, and are showing promising signs of not only recovery, but indicators of growth. 

To shine a light on these companies, and identify areas of opportunity for salespeople, market researchers, and aspiring optimists alike, we’ve selected 10 “companies to watch” out of an impressive list of nearly 18,000 companies showing signs of resiliency and growth compiled by LeadSift, a leading B2B Intent Data platform.

Indicators that informed the ~18,000 company LeadSift list (data collected between April 7-May 3)

  • Hiring signals
  • Marketing activity:
    • Running paid media
    • Hosting virtual events/summits
    • Running marketing campaigns to promote webinars, case-studies
    • Announcing new product offering/partnerships

The 10 companies Crunchbase selected from this broader list were those that have received venture funding rounds of $10M+ in 2020, and stood out to us as interesting companies to watch in the coming years based on industry, market, and mission. 

Here are 10 companies to watch (listed in order of largest recent funding rounds):

1. Revolut

Total Venture Funding: $903M

2020 Round: $500M Series D

HQ: London, United Kingdom

Revolut is a financial services company that specializes in mobile banking, card payments, money remittance, and foreign exchange. It includes a prepaid debit card, currency exchange, and peer-to-peer payments. It’s no secret fintech is an industry on the rise, and though globalization may be seeing a slight slowdown due to COVID-19, new technology will continue to push forward economic integration, and Revolut is positioned to make the most of it.

2. Cohesity

Total Venture Funding: $660M

2020 Round: $250M Series E

HQ: San Jose, California

Cohesity is a data management platform taking a new approach to solving mass data fragmentation. Through consolidation, their approach simplifies the way businesses back up, manage, protect, and extract value from their data.

3. AppsFlyer

Total Venture Funding: $293M

2020 Round: $210M Series D

HQ: San Francisco, California

AppsFlyer empowers marketers to grow their business and innovate with a suite of comprehensive measurement and analytics solutions. Built around privacy by design, AppsFlyer takes a customer-centric approach to help partners make better business decisions.

4. Policygenius

Total Venture Funding: $161M

2020 Round: $100M Series D

HQ: New York, New York

Policygenius is an insurance tech-startup that specializes in providing financial protection. The company focuses on solutions in the fields of finance, insurance, and insure-tech, offering plan comparisons and information in an easily accessible, simple platform. 

5. Outreach

Total Venture Funding: $289M

2020 Round: $50M Series F

HQ: Seattle, Washington

Outreach is a sales engagement platform that accelerates revenue growth by optimizing every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle. The platform manages all customer interactions across email, voice and social, and leverages machine learning to guide reps to take the right actions.

6. Vineti

Total Venture Funding: $82.3M

2020 Round: $35M Series C

HQ: San Francisco, California

Vineti is a commercial cloud-based platform to expand patient access to life-saving cells and gene therapies. It works to solve the key challenges patients, medical providers, pharmaceutical companies, and regulators face in the delivery and commercialization of personalized medicine.

7. Shopback

Total Venture Funding: $101M

2020 Round: $30M Series B

HQ: Singapore, Singapore

ShopBack offers a one-stop lifestyle portal that powers smarter purchase decisions for consumers, while delivering performance-based marketing to merchants. ShopBack partners with over 3,000 merchants to reward its users with cashback across a wide range of categories including general merchandise, travel, fashion, health and beauty, groceries, and food delivery. 

8. Bringg

Total Venture Funding: $84.5M

2020 Round: $30M Series D

HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel

Bringg is a delivery logistics solution, providing enterprises with an efficient way to manage their complex delivery operations. The platform offers real-time capabilities companies need in order to achieve logistical excellence across their delivery ecosystem. 

9. Teikametrics

Total Venture Funding: $25M

2020 Round: $15M Venture Round

HQ: Boston, Massachusetts

Teikametrics is an internet company that features an e-commerce optimization platform designed for retailers on online marketplaces. Its software platform specializes in pricing optimization, operations, and inventory for sellers of all sizes.

10. Landed

Total Venture Funding: $22.1M

2020 Round: $10.5 Series A

HQ: San Francisco, California

Landed offers a shared equity down payment program for essential employees – starting with educators – who wish to buy homes in the communities where they work, across the United States. Landed’s funds come in the form of an equity investment, meaning that homebuyers share in a portion of the gain – or loss if any – of the value of the home once it’s sold or refinanced.

If you want to check out the full list of ~18,000 companies showing signs of recovery and growth, the entire spreadsheet can be found here.

As we continue to see companies pivot, innovate and make strides toward recovery and growth, we’re sure to see more impressive funding rounds and companies coming out of this uncertain time stronger and better equipped to handle whatever may come next.

  • Originally published July 28, 2020, updated June 15, 2022