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Dive into the last decade in fintech funding and exits to understand emerging industry trends.

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Two Leading Sectors in Fintech

See which two sectors in fintech have the most investor attention in the last year.

The Largest Funding Rounds in 2019

Find out who topped the list of the largest funding rounds in 2019 by sector.

Fintech Growth in Leading Countries

We track the companies with the most growth in fintech. See who tops the list.

Decade of Venture Investments in Financial Services

In 2010 fintech represented 10 percent of total venture funding. Fast forward to 2019, fintech stands at 16 percent of total venture dollars.



Investments in fintech companies have grown more than ninefold since 2010 and more than doubled since 2015. 


The 17 Countries Leading Growth in Fintech

With the upswing in investments over the last two years in financial services, we look at growth by country year-over-year.


Fourteen of the top 17 countries grew in investment dollars year-over-year.  


Countries with between 75 to 100 percent growth year-over-year include India, Germany, and the U.K.

Leading Sectors: Lending, Banking, & Insurance Grow YoY

Leading financial services industries in 2019 included payments (along with mobile payments), insurance, banking, and lending, respectively.


In 2018 the leading top two sectors matched 2019 with payments and banking though both with more dollars invested.

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