4 Ways To Find and Engage Hyper-Targeted Sales Leads with Crunchbase

November 10, 2021

Let’s face it: Sales can sometimes feel like the ultimate game of “Go Fish.” You might be sifting through thousands of potential leads, struggling to prioritize massive lists, or even worse, realizing you’ve missed your window of opportunity and steered efforts in a misguided direction. The good news is, finding hyper-targeted sales leads–leads who are highly likely to convert–doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when you leverage the right platform.

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In this article, we’ll dive into four simple ways Crunchbase can help you easily find hyper-targeted leads based on your ideal customer profile (ICP), including how to:


Apply ICP specific filters to start your targeted sales list

With better information, businesses can make more informed decisions. That’s why Crunchbase offers unlimited advanced search filters that let you narrow down your list based on the company specifics you care about: headquarters location, industry, operating status, funding, investment stage, IPO status and more.

Here’s a quick demo that walks through how you can easily find companies that match your ICP with advanced search:


Not sure where to begin? Try layering your own advanced search filters to these popular Crunchbase lists:


Automate account discovery with recommended companies

Let Crunchbase do the work and find hyper-targeted sales leads with company recommendations delivered right to you based on your preferences, lists and unique activity.  

If you are a Crunchbase Pro or Enterprise user, you can leverage our company recommendation engine that automates account discovery and qualification. Your recommendations page will automatically surface relevant companies based on your territory preferences. These recommendations are powered by machine learning, meaning that Crunchbase’s recommendation engine gets smarter each time you use it. If a recommended company matches your ICP, click the “thumbs up” to see similar companies.

Our company recommendations always come with a brief explanation, so you can see why we shared this specific company with you. You can also quickly scan facts about each company–location, size, revenue and industry–to qualify the new accounts quickly. Finally, you can save companies that meet your criteria to your hyper-targeted list of leads, and enable automatic alerts to stay up to date on key company news and buy signals.


Leverage live data with G2 Stack

Now, let’s further refine your list of leads by layering on live data using custom add-ons found in Crunchbase Marketplace–available to Crunchbase Pro customers seeking additional targeting and analytics with various plugins. For example, say you’ve trimmed your list based on your ICP of companies with 5,000 employees with headquarters in North America—that leaves you with roughly 551,000 companies. 

That’s not a particularly targeted sales list. With a list that size, you can’t be sure if the companies have relevant technology to support your product or are in the market for your services.

With G2 Stack, one of the most popular Crunchbase add-ons, you can get up close and personal with the details and data. G2 Stack provides an insider’s look at what products and services companies use in their day-to-day operations, all within the Crunchbase company profiles.

Crunchbase Pro with Data Boost

Easily access partner data right in your Crunchbase experience with 5 Marketplace apps: Builtwith, G2 Stack, IPQwery, Aberdeen and PrivCo.


Pinpoint only the companies that have a need or have the technology to support the solutions you (and your team) can provide. A few features Crunchbase Pro customers are leveraging from the G2 Stack plugin include: 

  • Access to G2 Stack’s leading database of software products and tech stacks.
  • An insider’s look at what products and services companies are using internally.
  • The ability to analyze the product market share of your competitors, partners and more.

Monitoring the tech/product stack of the companies you’re targeting can help you narrow your search so you can spend more time selling and less time researching.


Connect with qualified leads with the engagement suite

Now that you have a hyper-targeted list of leads, it’s time to reach out with the right message at the right time. Crunchbase Pro and Enterprise customers now have access to the engagement suite—a feature that allows users to send emails with templates tailored to their prospects directly from Crunchbase. With Crunchbase’s engagement suite, you can: 

  • Leverage intelligent email templates tailored specifically with data points–i.e., recent funding rounds, location, industry—directly from Crunchbase. 
  • Insert dynamic variables and snippets powered by Crunchbase data to tailor your message specifically to your prospect.

Here’s a quick walkthrough with our Sr. Revenue Operations Specialist on how to leverage the engagement suite and connect with prospects:


Take your prospecting to the next level with Crunchbase

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