How to Find Hyper-Targeted Sales Leads in 3 Easy Steps

Got five minutes? In less time than it would take you to grab that third cup of coffee, we’ll show you how to identify a list of targeted sales leads. Find your next list of perfect prospects and potential leads, identified based on your business’s ideal client profile (or ICP).

Using Crunchbase Pro and Crunchbase Marketplace add-ins, you can easily hyper-target the companies that matter most to your business, arming your sales team with valuable context, crucial data, and quality targeted sales leads.

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Let’s face it: sales can sometimes feel like the ultimate game of “Go Fish.”

You may sift through thousands of potential prospects or struggle to prioritize massive lists. You may also find you’ve missed your window of opportunity or have steered efforts in a misguided direction.

Crunchbase Pro aims to take the guesswork out of the game, by allowing you to apply endless unique filters to target organizations that match your exact ICP. Next time you’re prospecting, give these three easy steps a try.

Step 1: Apply ICP Specific Filters to Start Your Targeted Sales List

A quick glance at our dashboard shows you we’ve got extensive data in Crunchbase.

We know that with better information, businesses can make better decisions – that’s why with Crunchbase Pro, we offer unlimited, advanced filters, letting you narrow down your list based the specifics you care about: headquarters location, operating status, funding, investment stage, IPO status, and beyond.

Consider starting to build out your list by filtering based on your ideal client profile’s firmographic data.

You can begin to see your target list shift to reflect exactly what your best customers look like. That may be three firmographics – for example, industry, location, and the number of employees – or thirty.

You’re one step closer to your next list of qualified, targeted sales leads.

Step 2: Leverage Live Data with G2 Stack

Now, let’s layer on live data using custom add-ins found in Crunchbase Marketplace – available to users seeking additional targeting and analytics with a la carte plugins. Say you’ve trimmed your list based on your ICP of 5,000 employees and headquarters based in North America. Lastly, that leaves you with roughly 12,000 companies. Not a particularly targeted sales list.

With a list that size, you can’t be sure if they have technology that’s relevant. You’re also left unsure if they’re in the market for your services. You may also not even know if these companies they have the environment to support it.

With G2 Crowd, one of the most popular Crunchbase add-ins, you can get up close and personal with the details and data that matter, like their tech stack or compatibilities.

Targeted Sales Leads with Siftery's Company Tech Stack Data

Go beyond exploring your target companies’ list of active products. Filter for specific products in use, such as competitors or similar platforms. Then better assess if their business has an environment conducive to you.

Now you’ve drilled your target list down beyond desired industry, location and team size. You can now hone in on only the companies who have the need or technology to support the solutions you and your team can provide.

Step 3: Narrow Down Intent With Bombora

Phew. You’ve narrowed your potential prospects list down from 12,000 to 1,200. That’s impressive progress and a more targeted sales list but still a pretty sizable bite for sales teams to swallow.

This is where Bombora, another Marketplace add-in available, comes into play. Moreover, Bombora offers another level of live data that ensures your potential-leads list is filtered by highly valuable, intent-driven insights. 

Targeted Sales Leads with Bombora's Intent Data

How? Bombora works to help you better identify companies who are actively seeking or showing intent, for services or products you provide. For example, say multiple people within a company are all searching for a specific solution – that’s considered a surge.

Lastly, with your Bombora add-in on Crunchbase, you’re able to capitalize on that surge by drilling deeper down. Then filter your list of 1,200 prospects to that of say, seven qualified, relevant companies showing an active interest in exactly what you offer.

Finally, you’ve got a list of targeted sales leads that fit your ICP to a T. Register to see any of these additional free search filters and free third-party data:

Build Your Own List of Targeted Sales Leads

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