Filtering through thousands of companies, investors, and people can be intimidating at best. When you aren’t quite sure who or what organization you’re looking for, staring at a blank search box can feel daunting. Where do you start to find qualified leads? What should you search to benchmark your business metrics? Let’s walk you through how to search Crunchbase, and show you some popular searches help you to find new customers, investors, and more.

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Registered users can add up to two filters when they search Crunchbase (Crunchbase Pro users, you’re looking at over 25 search filters).

3 Easy Steps to Search Crunchbase

First of all, let’s get the technicalities out of the way. So how do you search Crunchbase?

1. Select what you would like to search Crunchbase for by choosing between companies, people, investors, funding rounds, acquisitions, schools, and events. Psst, it’s on the left-hand side.

For this example, we’ll click Companies to start our Crunchbase search.

Search Crunchbase by selecting the type of search on the left hand navigation.

2. Click + Add Companies filter to narrow down all the companies in Crunchbase based on anything from location, to an investor, to a number of employees. Then add the second filter by clicking the plus sign again.

3. Click the green Search button when you’re finished to filter through all the companies.

As a result, you should now have a more targeted list of companies based on a few filters. Feel free to switch up these filters at any time to see what else you can find. 

Here are the three most common uses we see people search Crunchbase for, as well as some great searches that we’ve found to be insightful.

Feel free to click on the below searches and customize the filters to your liking.

Sales | Search Crunchbase for New Customers

In order to build your pipeline and find qualified leads by searching for companies that have recently increased budgets. For this reason, companies that have recently raised funding or have been acquired typically have more cash to burn.

Software Companies That Have Raised Money In The Last Year
Companies That Have Raised >$10M In The Last 6 Months
Series B Companies That Were Acquired

Entrepreneurs | Search Crunchbase to Find Investors

Find angel investors, accelerators, and partners at venture capital firms with a quick Crunchbase search and narrow down investors based on your stage, sector, and location.

Quick tip: Click the magnifying glass next to any investor to find the investor’s portfolio companies.

European Investors Who Invest In Seed Rounds
On-Site Accelerators That Invest In Health-Care Companies
Angel Investors Who Invest In Construction Companies

Market Research | Search Crunchbase to Benchmark Business Metrics

Not sure how much to ask for your Series A, or want to see what competitors in your sector are doing? Then search Crunchbase to identify startup trends, while making sure you’re keeping up with the competition.

Average Seed Funding Rounds In The Last 2 Months
Mobile Companies That Made Acquisitions
Google’s Acquisitions In The Last 5 Years 

Make a Crunchbase Search Personal

Most notably, use Crunchbase’s free search tool to discover the right company or investor for you. Want to build more complex searches with search filters like web traffic growth or buy signals? Then check out Crunchbase Pro.

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  • Originally published June 5, 2018, updated April 26, 2023