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Scope the Competition with Crunchbase

Keeping tabs on your competition is critical, and Crunchbase Pro makes your competitive intelligence even smarter. You can keep track of existing players – plus keep an eye out for new entrants. We’ll show you how.

Let’s say you’re a Product Manager at a Renewable Energy company that just raised Series C funding. You want to keep track of competitors, specifically companies that have raised a Series C or Series D.

Build a Search

1. Build a search to find your competitors. In this case, we’ve created Renewable Energy Competitors by adding filters for Renewable Energy companies with Series C or Series D funding. Make sure to save your search to get updates when new companies match these criteria!

Scope the competition with Crunchbase Pro Search


2. Now that you see all potential competitors, let’s create a tailored competitors list. You can select companies individually or select all using the checkboxes at the left of the search results.  In this case, we’ll handpick a few key competitors to watch closely.

Scope the competition with Crunchbase Pro Search - Add to List

Create a List

3. After selecting companies, click Add to List or Create New List from the drop-down (or add your competitors to an existing list).

Scope the competition with Crunchbase Pro Search - Create new list

4. Give your list a name (in this case, “Competitors”), and select how frequently you want to get alerts for new acquisitions, funding rounds, and more. When you’re all set, click Create to see your new list.

Scope the competition with Crunchbase Pro Search - Create List name

5. Voilà! Here’s your custom competitors list. From here, you can use Quick Add. Click Columns to adjust the fields you see on your list.

Scope the competition with Crunchbase Pro - Quick Add



Never miss up and coming players. Since you saved the original search (go you!), you’ll get alerts when new Renewable Energy companies raise a Series C or Series D.

Stop worrying about tracking the competition, and get back to beating the competition. By saving your main competitors to a list, you’ll be notified of your competitors’ key activities (news, funding, acquisitions, and changes in leadership to name a few).

 TIP: Want to share your Saved Search or Saved List? See how in this article