Qualify Leads and Understand Buying Power with New Crunchbase Employment Signals

In the past year, company budget shifts have made it even more challenging to qualify leads and accurately assess buying power before reaching out. To help our users focus on companies that are growing, and steer clear of those that are not, we created Crunchbase’s new company employment signals, actively hiring and layoffs.


Focus on companies that are growing

With our new actively hiring and layoffs data, Crunchbase Pro customers can easily see if a company is hiring or if they have not reported recent layoffs, both key indicators of company buying power. 

Actively hiring data identifies companies that are expanding and gives you access to career pages right from the company’s profile to learn more about open positions. Layoffs signals are tracked via machine learning from reputable news sources and available on the ‘Signals & News’ tab on company profiles to help inform your research.

You can use actively hiring and layoffs data in Crunchbase search to:

  • Filter for growing companies: Select ‘Actively Hiring’ under the ‘Overview’ dropdown in advanced search to hone in on companies that are expanding in size.
  • Narrow down your search: Select ‘No Layoffs Reported’ under ‘Signals’ in advanced search to focus on companies that haven’t been recently impacted by layoffs.
    Track growth signals: Stay up to date on when your prospects are hiring, indicating they’re in a better position to buy, with employment alerts delivered right to your email or in your Crunchbase activity feed.

Ready to get started? Begin your search.


On Crunchbase company profiles you can use actively hiring and layoffs data to:

  • Qualify accounts: Review actively hiring and layoff signals, alongside firmographic company information, funding data, and buying signals on company profiles to identify the right accounts and inform your outreach. 
  • View open positions: Access company career pages from the ‘Actively Hiring’ badge on the ‘Summary’ tab to learn more about open positions and see which departments are growing.
  • Get the latest employment news: Learn more about reported layoffs and dig into trusted news mentions on the ‘Signals & News’ tab on company profiles.

Building a more intelligent way to prospect

Actively hiring and layoffs signals are the latest additions to Crunchbase’s suite of intelligent prospecting capabilities, but there are many more exciting features on the horizon.

We’re constantly gathering feedback to ensure we’re providing solutions that make your job easier. Send us a note at feedback@crunchbase.com and let us know how we can make Crunchbase work for you.

Want to learn how to uplevel your prospecting with Crunchbase Pro? Check out our buying signals resources below:

*Please note that actively hiring and layoffs data is being added to Crunchbase on a rolling basis, and may not be immediately available across all company profiles.

  • Originally published March 8, 2021