Top 5 Lead Generation Companies to Increase Sales in 2019

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the world of sales and lead prospecting. Identifying a qualified sales prospect is not only difficult, but it can also be extremely time-consuming for a sales team. Thankfully, there are companies available to help ease this burden. Lead generation companies promise to help increase your business’ revenue by regularly providing qualified leads for your sales team to pitch. Using Crunchbase Pro, we’ve gathered the top five lead generation companies that stood out in 2018.  

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What is lead generation?

For sales newbies, lead generation refers to the process of finding customers who you think would be interested in buying your product or service. These potential customers are commonly called leads. If leads fit your target personas, they are a prospect.

A persona represents the characteristics of the target demographic you want to sell to – such as an individual between the ages of 30 to 40 with a family and an annual income of $100K. Sales generation companies and sales prospecting tools benefit salespeople by creating a pool of leads that have a target persona. They do the initial legwork of tracking down potential customers who would be interested in your brand, so you can focus on perfecting your sales pitch.

Top 5 lead generation companies to help with your 2019 strategy


Lead generation tool: Salesloft

SalesLoft is an engagement platform aimed to help sales companies provide a better customer experience. Based in Atlanta, SalesLoft also offers personalized email services, lead generation, data-driven decision making and more.

Lead generation tool: Apollo

Apollo offers an engagement acceleration platform that generates leads and helps increase conversions. In addition to driving engagement, Apollo features a database of over 20 million contacts.


Lead generation companies: leadspace

Targeted toward B2B businesses, Leadspace helps improve engagement and growth for marketers. Additionally, it uses artificial intelligence and data analysis to offer the best leads for your business in real time. Based in San Francisco and Israel, Leadspace serves seven out of the top 10 largest enterprise software companies such as Google, Intel, and Oracle.


Lead generation company: Datanyze

Datanyze focuses on technographics, or insights on a company’s tech choices and buying signals, to create leads for companies. Some of its main features involve technology tracking, predictive analysis, prospecting, and data enrichment.


Lead generation companies: Insideview

InsideView is an intelligence target platform that generates prospective leads for over 20,000 companies. Its platform uses industry data, real-time events and private connections to provide more customized and deliberate leads.

How Crunchbase Pro can help with lead generation

With Crunchbase Pro, your sales team can perform extensive research and analysis on lead generation companies to find the partner that will keep your pipeline filled with qualified prospects. Crunchbase Pro offers filters to sort lead prospecting companies through funding, acquisitions, investments, and ranking. Our database also offers valuable information about each company, from web traffic to competitors, so you can make a fully knowledgeable choice for your lead generation company.

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  • Originally published January 9, 2019, updated April 26, 2023