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Build and Track Pipeline with Crunchbase’s New HubSpot Integration

Does the sea of sales tools and countless tabs have you worried about missing opportunities? Stop spinning your wheels trying to hit your ever-growing quotas with tools that are too scrappy or too complex. With Crunchbase’s new HubSpot integration, you can easily build and track your pipeline with a single, easy-to-use solution.

Now, HubSpot users can quickly discover new prospects, push them directly to HubSpot, and own them instantly. You’ll also see HubSpot details within Crunchbase so you can track prospects already in your CRM and identify those that need your attention. By leveraging Crunchbase’s best-in-class data, you’ll discover growing companies you can’t find anywhere else, and pinpoint the ones that are in a position to buy.

Here’s how to use Crunchbase’s HubSpot integration to prospect smarter and faster.

Push companies and contacts from Crunchbase to HubSpot

As a salesperson, you want to accelerate your pipeline—not waste hours on manual search and data entry. With Crunchbase, you can view a comprehensive list of leads within your target market and use the HubSpot integration to send them directly to your CRM.

Push companies and contacts from Crunchbase to HubSpot CRM GIF
  • Discover new accounts: See which accounts are not in HubSpot yet to identify new, qualified companies and their contacts right away.
  • Push prospects straight to HubSpot: Click the “Push to CRM” button next to any new account or contact to own it in HubSpot in seconds. You’ll be automatically notified if a contact already exists in your CRM, making it easy to avoid duplicate records.
  • Get accurate data in your CRM: Fill your HubSpot CRM with verified data about fast-growing companies. This includes up-to-date firmographics, such as company size and location, as well as contact details for decision-makers. 
  • Prospect from any website: Build pipeline even faster by using Crunchbase’s Chrome extension to source qualified accounts from any site. When you browse with the extension, you’ll get an automatic popup in your browser that lets you instantly push companies and contacts to your CRM.

Connect your HubSpot account.

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Track opportunities and inform next steps

When you use the HubSpot integration, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date on the accounts in your CRM, right from Crunchbase. View key account details and inform outreach with timely insights so you never miss the chance to convert a prospect into an opportunity.

  • Follow up with high-priority accounts: Act quickly on accounts that need your attention. Now, you can view HubSpot account details, such as account owner and last activity date, without leaving Crunchbase. 
  • Engage with decision-makers at the right time: Keep tabs on the records you’ve pushed to HubSpot by setting up alerts about company activity and buy signals. You can see your CRM account records and customize alerts in the “My CRM” list in Crunchbase.

Personalize your searches with Crunchbase Enterprise

Do you have a growing team looking to prospect at scale? If you’re a Crunchbase Enterprise customer, you’ll get additional benefits from the HubSpot integration that will help your team discover qualified leads even faster.

Exclude companies in your CRM from Crunchbase search and push net-new accounts to HubSpot GIF
  • Automatically filter out existing companies: Save time and resources by excluding companies already in HubSpot from your searches. You and your team will be able to instantly surface unclaimed accounts to build pipeline more efficiently. 
  • Turn stale leads into fresh opportunities: Resurface old leads in your CRM by filtering searches based on last activity date and account owner. You can also add these records to a custom saved list and set buy signal alerts so you know exactly when to reach out.

Learn more about Crunchbase Enterprise.

Discover how our HubSpot integration for Crunchbase Enterprise helps teams of all sizes prospect at scale.

  • Originally published September 22, 2022