See What Matters: The New Crunchbase Profile Experience

In an increasingly data-driven world, having access to accurate company information is critical for business success – the challenge is finding the information you need without spending hours digging through databases and company websites.

That’s why we redesigned our company profile pages; to bring the most valuable information about every company in our database right to your fingertips. Crunchbase’s redesigned company profile pages allow you to quickly understand what a company does and analyze financial performance and important growth signals, allowing you to identify better opportunities in less time.

Acme Co. Crunchbase company profile redesign mock

The data you need, front and center

Spend less time searching for company information with Crunchbase’s redesigned company profiles. The new design allows you to:

    • Quickly understand what a company does and their growth status: Find critical information including description, headquarters, funding status, and Crunchbase Rank in the ‘About’ section.
    • Determine a company’s financial standing: Analyze company performance with financial information including total funding, acquisitions, and more in the ‘Highlights’ section.
    • Dig into the details to decide if a company fits your needs: If a profile looks promising, find in-depth information on their technology, estimated revenue range, people, growth signals and more in the new header tabs.
    • Reach out at the right time and be relevant: Skim the most recent company news & growth signals in the ‘Recent News & Activity’ section and learn more in the ‘Signals & News’ tab, so you can personalize your outreach.


An easier way to get updates and save information 

We’ve also replaced our ‘Follow’ button with a new ‘Save’ button that simplifies the process of saving companies to lists and receiving alerts. You can get alerts by saving a profile to your existing ‘My Follows’ list, saving a profile to any of your custom lists, or coming soon, to your CRM. 

Check out this list of the latest trending companies to see the new profile design in action. Pick one and add to your own list to get notified of the latest company news. 

Acme Co. save to list example screenshot


Coming soon to Crunchbase

Soon you’ll be able to take action on your prospects even faster with a new Salesforce integration that brings Crunchbase data directly into your CRM. Sign up for the waitlist to be the first to know when the new Salesforce integration is available.

  • Originally published July 29, 2020, updated August 19, 2020