What’s New on Crunchbase: Charts, Hubs, Regions, and More

1. Visualize Crunchbase data with Charts [🎖 Pro Only]

When did today’s unicorns gain momentum? Get the whole picture at a glance with Charts. Located on profile pages, Charts make our investor, acquisition, and funding information easy to understand.

Find the answers to your most pressing questions, and hover over any data point to get the details.

Chart Data on Crunchbase Profiles for Crunchbase Pro Customers Only


2. Search by Regions [Free]

Spread your wings and search by Regions to find opportunities in metro areas. For example, you can now find the most recently funded startups in Silicon Valley, or the most active investors in the Greater New York Area.

Apply the Headquarters Regions filter to get started.


3. This Quarter’s Best Kept Secret: Customization [Free]

Customize Crunchbase to match the way you work. Most interested in funding or investor information? Don’t care about Twitter or Featured Team members? We get it. Take control and organize Crunchbase profiles in a snap.

To get started, click Rearrange Cards – hidden in the upper right-hand corner of any data card. Drag, drop, hide, or add any data card from there. Click Save Changes to lock it in.

Aaand you’re welcome.

Customize Crunchbase Profiles


How can you use this?

VCs like to move company funding information to the top in order to quickly qualify prospects as they visit different company profiles.

Similarly, sales professionals move company tech stack information right above the current team, so they can quickly qualify and identify the key decision makers in one go.

4. Easy Browsing with Hover Preview [Free]

Found a list of promising companies? Hover over them to get a quick snapshot without visiting all of their individual profiles. Nobody has enough tabs for that.

Hover Preview on Crunchbase

5. We finally have a Stock Ticker [Free – log in!]

Our newest partnership with TradingView gives all users access to live stock information. Interact with TradingView charts for stocks, commodities, forex, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and economic data, covering all of the major global exchanges/markets.

Simply look up the latest stock price or analyze price patterns for all public companies directly on Crunchbase.

IPO and Stock Price on Crunchbase Profiles

6. Hubba Hubba – HUBS [Free]

Want a detailed analysis of certain sectors? Browse (and filter!) through Hubs. Hubs provide a concentrated analysis of unique industries and spaces, including Leaderboards, recent activity, funding trends, and more.

Check out some of the most popular Hubs below:
Blockchain Companies
Asia-Pacific Companies Founded in the Last Year
Early Stage Venture Investors

Hubs on Crunchbase Profiles


That’s all, folks.

We’ll be back next quarter with a fresh batch of features.

  • Originally published September 5, 2018, updated April 26, 2023