The Crunchbase 2023 Influential Women in Sales List

The Crunchbase 2023 Influential Women in Sales List is a submission-based list. Full methodology details are available at the end of this article.

They’re taking the reins at their companies and driving explosive growth. They’re launching sales podcasts, YouTube channels and startups of their own. They’re creating safe spaces to empower female professionals and championing diversity in sales, both inside and outside their organizations. 

In celebration of Women’s History Month this year, we’re thrilled to highlight sales directors, account executives and other women who embody what it means to be a leader, innovator and changemaker. These are individuals who were nominated by their networks and who we selected based on their business impact, leadership, innovative spirit and commitment to uplifting their communities.

In no particular order, here are 35 leading women in sales you should be watching in 2023. 

1. Angeley Mullins

Angeley Mullins

Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Growth Officer, Latana Brand Tracking

Angeley Mullins began her sales career in the finance industry and then moved into leading commercial teams for technology companies across various international markets. As the CMO and CGO at Latana (a MarTech and analytics platform) she was instrumental in raising a 36 million euro Series B funding round for her company in 2022. She also spearheaded the creation of an inbound revenue generation engine, which has accounted for over 80% of Latana’s revenue for the past three years. As a leader, she has focused on building strong and diverse teams from the ground up that put people first, while also increasing revenue year over year. On top of that, she partnered with the Alliance of Democracies Foundation to create the Democracy Perception Index, which highlights insights from voices around the world and shares their perspectives on how governments and organizations can better serve their people. These insights have been referenced by world leaders and technology leaders in discussions about how to tackle some of the world’s largest challenges. 

2. Joyce Zhang Gray

Joyce Zhang Gray

CEO and Founder, Alariss Global

Joyce Zhang Gray is building an ecosystem of remote, global sales professionals at Alariss, where she is the CEO and founder. In this role, she advises and accelerates go-to-market and U.S. market entry for dozens of international tech companies based on every continent, helping businesses go from little to no revenue to over $10 million in ARR. She’s also spoken at multiple sales events and communities, including Modern Sales Pros, and she’s even worked with foreign governments to coach companies on U.S. go-to-market and sales strategies. Prior to that, she was the VP of sales at Human Interest, a fintech unicorn and one of the top Y Combinator companies, and also the regional manager for Groupon in Western China, where she led revenue teams in global expansion.

3. Mary Shea

Mary Shea

VP Global Innovation Evangelist, Outreach

Mary Shea produces thought-provoking research on the sales technology landscape, the future of buying and selling, and the importance of having diverse, equitable and inclusive B2B sales organizations. Her 2020 research on the gender gap in B2B sales influenced her company’s creation of RISE, a program designed to elevate women in B2B sales. She educates individuals and teams across all areas of Outreach’s business and provides executive-level deal support for the sales team. In 2022, Shea served as the host of the award-winning Revenue Innovators Podcast and appeared as an expert guest on some of the most notable B2B sales podcasts. This past year, Shea hosted 16 Revenue Innovators podcast episodes, served as a guest on 11 additional podcasts, participated in 23 webinars, and was a keynote speaker at 19 sales kickoff meetings and industry events. Shea is the executive sponsor of Outreach’s Rainbow Employee Resource Group and contributes to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at Outreach.

4. Shilpa Sharma

Shilpa Sharma

Co-Founder and CEO, Flyte

As co-founder and CEO at Flyte, Shilpa Sharma used her sales background to drive the company’s early success. She managed to bring in the first five customers — not an easy task at a new startup — and built credibility among Techstars executives who selected Flyte as one of the top 10 companies that went through the accelerator program. She also built the company’s sales process herself, hired and trained the company’s first sales team, and drove over 70% growth month over month. Sharma has worked at Fortune 100 companies and made significant contributions through her business development and go-to-market skills. In addition to running her own startup, she mentors early-stage founders from Founder Institute, Techstars and Women in Revenue. Sharma has been featured in dozens of podcasts, publications and speaking events, including the Nathan Latka podcast and the Founder Institute YouTube channel.

5. Bree Hinkle

Bree Hinkle

Sales Manager, Meta

As the sales manager at Meta, Bree Hinkle has built long-lasting relationships that have been transformational for her team and business partners. In 2020, she helped launch a program called Elevate Advanced Access to accelerate the success of underrepresented businesses. She was also recently featured in Sales Hacker’s Top Female Sales Leaders list, and she serves as an adviser on Meta’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leadership Forum to empower diverse voices at her company. Prior to her time at Meta, Hinkle was a sales manager at Groupon, launched Uber Eats in the Midwest, and led an SMB sales team at Sprout Social.

6. Melissa LuVisi

Melissa LuVisi

Chief Strategy Officer, tab32

Since joining tab32 in 2017, Melissa LuVisi has served as VP of marketing and sales, head of business development and, currently, chief strategy officer. LuVisi secured over $1 million in annual sales in her first year with the company and has brokered relationships with some of the dental industry’s largest and fastest-growing dental support organizations. She is the recipient of the 2022 Sacramento Business Journal’s Women Who Mean Business award and was a key part in securing tab32’s Inc 5000 Top Growing Companies Award for 2022. Growing up in the foster system, LuVisi has also helped develop the Sustainable Life Project, a nonprofit for transitioning foster youth. She sits on the board of De Colores Art, a nonprofit serving neurodiverse artists and students, and she continues to give back to her community by mentoring colleagues, local artists and woman professionals. 

7. Cinthia Merlos

Cinthia Merlos

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Vexi

Cinthia Merlos has held numerous leadership positions in marketing and sales, growing companies from zero to $200 million in sales in just a few years. Currently, she is COO at Vexi, a digital bank that makes financial services accessible for the underbanked population in Mexico. She drove impressive revenue growth at Vexi, as much as doubling the amount of capital raised, and has recently played an instrumental role in securing an $8 million funding round. She has also managed the product, growth and customer success teams and built them from scratch, leading and developing a team of more than 40 people. Her mission? To use her 17-plus years of sales and marketing experience to expand economic opportunity among the Mexican and Latin American population.

8. Rachel Mayes

Rachel Mayes

Senior Sales Director, Leading GTM Venture Capital, Carta

Rachel Mayes is an experienced sales leader who is dedicated to uplifting other women and diverse candidates looking to grow their sales careers. As a new leader at Yelp, she led the leadership development program for account executives looking to become managers, the relocation program supporting new college grads, and the mentorship program for folks needing additional guidance. Afterward, she began her career in clean energy, building an international team of over 35 people and growing the organization from less than $1 million to over $20 million in revenue in 2.5 years. Alongside her current role at Carta, Mayes is on the board of Girls In Tech New York, and is a Pavilion executive member where she leads sessions, podcasts and more. Mayes continues to dedicate her career to causes she feels passionate about, whether it is supporting small businesses, climate impact or equality through equity at Carta. 

9. Daisy Chung

Daisy Chung

Director of Sales, Orum

At Orum, Daisy Chung quickly rose from enterprise account executive to sales director. In 2021, she closed $3.3 million in ARR and was named Orum’s Sales Rep of the Year. Her sales playbook came to define Orum’s broader sales strategy, and she currently leads and coaches a team of nine account executives. In her free time, she’s dedicated to helping others learn and progress in their careers through her YouTube channel. She is a big advocate for women in sales and has been on multiple podcasts, such as 30 Minutes to President’s Club, where she shares tips and tricks to empower others in sales.

10. Liz Scruggs

Liz Scruggs

VP of Revenue Operations, Instant Teams

Liz Scruggs combines her experience as a sales professional with her personal commitment to solving military spouse unemployment and underemployment challenges. At Instant Teams, a talent marketplace for military-connected professionals, Scruggs led the sales team to achieve over 2,500% growth within three years. Her efforts helped earn the company the No. 208 spot on the Inc. 5000 list, No. 23 on the Inc. Regionals Mid-Atlantic list, and a $13 million Series A funding round from Tiger Global. Scruggs’ people-first approach to leadership creates a positive sales environment and an opportunity for women and military spouses to grow professionally within the sales space. 

11. Bahar Gunes Scigaj

Bahar Gunes Scigaj

Head of Revenue and Co-Founder, TalentGrid

As co-founder of TalentGrid, Bahar Gunes Scigaj led the successful global expansion of her company, opening up new opportunities for software developers in Turkey and Eastern Europe. Building a sales function from the bottom up, she drove 5x growth in 2022. She believes in the power of inclusive workspaces, coaching women sales leaders, and advocating for remote work. Her goal is to create more global opportunities for software developers from nations like Turkey that bring new perspectives, work experiences and financial freedom.

12. Visrin Vichit-Vadakan

Visrin Vichit-Vadakan

Co-Founder and Head of Sales and Business Development, Spring Free EV

Recognized by Business Insider as a rising star in the electric vehicle industry, Visrin Vichit-Vadakan combines her sales leadership experience with her background in clean energy. After managing sales growth programs at Tesla that led to 110% year-over-year growth, she co-founded Spring Free EV to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. As the leader of her company’s sales and business development department, she brought a new product to market, built a sales team from the ground up, and established important strategic partnerships. Her mission is to reduce CO2 emissions by one gigaton by 2030 through a new vehicle financing approach that makes electric vehicles more accessible to everyone.

13. Sarah Reilert

Sarah Reilert

Senior Regional Sales Manager, Verkada

Sarah Reilert left a career in finance to join Sequoia-backed unicorn Verkada in early 2019 when it was just 46 employees. In the four years since, she was promoted five times (from account executive to senior regional sales manager) and moved from an individual contributor to a management role. Currently, she works from the company’s London office, where she helped lead the U.K. sales team to 105% to goal and increased hiring and retention by 50% within a year. She also revamped the recruiting process to focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, which quadrupled the number of female salespeople in her organization, and is a founding member of the Women at Verkada ERG. 

14. Anjarae Hamilton

Anjarae Hamilton

Head of Retailer Sales and Account Management, Faire

As head of retailer sales and account management, Anjarae Hamilton has been instrumental in leading Faire to reach over $1 billion in annual revenue. She is especially passionate about supporting women in the workplace and driving positive change for Faire’s customer base, which is made up of 65% women entrepreneurs. In April 2022, Hamilton joined Chief, a private network built to drive more women into positions of power and keep them there. Hamilton also serves on the advisory board for REDF, a venture philanthropy that invests in social enterprises that employ people overcoming barriers to work.

15. Lori Richardson

Lori Richardson

CEO, Score More Sales and President, Women Sales Pros

Lori Richardson is a keynote speaker and author of the new book “She Sells: Attract, Promote, and Retain Great Women in B2B Sales.” She hosts an award-winning podcast called “Conversations with Women in Sales” and is a top sales thought leader in the B2B space. Richardson spent 16 years in B2B sales and launched sales consultancy Score More Sales, which helps company leaders evaluate their existing sales team and hire in stronger sellers by analyzing data. In 2015, she founded a community called Women Sales Pros that supports all of the B2B women in sales groups, events and resources. Richardson will tell anyone who will listen how women are underrepresented at every level in most B2B organizations, how companies can fix this, and how bringing women into sales roles can be a game-changer for all involved.

16. Irina Soriano

Irina Soriano

VP of Enablement, Seismic

Irina Soriano is the vice president of enablement at Seismic, where she leads the enablement function and team to make the company’s go-to-market engine more effective and efficient. Soriano has had an extensive international career across EMEA, Asia-Pacific and the U.S. She is also the author of Generation Brand: Controlling Your Life-Brand for Likes, Loves, and Career Advancement and creates a monthly newsletter titled “The Confidence Edge,” where she offers resources and dives deep into the unspoken realities women and underrepresented people face within the workplace. Soriano is a sought-after keynote, podcast and TEDx speaker because of her extensive sales expertise and background. She extends her involvement with the sales community by serving as the New York Chapter lead for WiSE (Women in Sales Enablement).

17. Cynthia Handal

Cynthia Handal

Head of Global Sales, Simera

Cynthia Handal is the head of global sales at Simera, a skill development and career platform. Under her leadership, her sales team has grown from three to 32 reps in just 10 months. She is particularly passionate about developing future sales leaders and initiated an out-of-the-box, empowerment-based approach to sales team management that helps sales reps meet their goals. She’s also dedicated to opening up sales opportunities for aspiring BDRs, SDRs and anyone who wants to break into tech sales. Recently, she helped launch the Simera Sales Academy, which offers free sales training to those based in Latin America. 

18. Alexine Mudawar

Alexine Mudawar

CEO, Women in Sales

Alexine Mudawar is the CEO of Women in Sales, an organization focused on elevating, empowering and promoting women within the sales profession. By facilitating conversations and sharing resources focused on enabling sales professionals, her aim is to mold the future of sales to be more inclusive. As part of her role, she hosts webinars and in-person events to bring female professionals together, playing a mentorship role for other women within the sales community. Mudawar has been recognized as a LinkedIn Top Sales Voice and Salesforce Top Sales Influencer alongside serving as an adviser to multiple sales software companies, including Chili Piper, Alyce and Aligned.

19. Seema Jain

Seema Jain

VP of Professional Services, Mural

Seema Jain is the connective tissue and innovation center for the go-to-market team at Mural, a collaborative intelligence company that achieved centaur status during an explosive period of growth since 2019. Jain has designed and scaled sales and CS playbooks and optimized for hybrid and asynchronous work environments during an unprecedented period of growth. She has been pivotal in cultivating talent, and has a special interest in the hiring and recruiting of top female talent in the industry. Throughout her career, Jain has authored content, facilitated client workshops and sessions, and delivered keynote presentations on the future of sales in hybrid work environments. In 2021, Jain authored a case study in Jim Kalbach’s book, “Mapping Experiences,” about improving the customer and employee experience to drive outcomes. On top of all that, as a woman of color, Jain is a champion for underrepresented groups and is a member of the board of trustees for The John Thomas Dye School. 

20. Fabiola Munguia

Fabiola Munguia

Co-Founder and CEO, Secfix

Fabiola Munguia was nominated as one of the top 100 female innovators in Germany for several years, won multiple Handelsblatt awards, and has been featured in Business Insider. As co-founder and CEO of the startup Secfix, she grew sales from zero to several hundred thousand in ARR just months after launch. She continues to drive massive growth for the company while wearing many hats, including sales, legal, customer success and more. In her free time, she helps other startups and scaleups in Europe and Latin America set up the right metrics and tracking systems. As a female entrepreneur who moved from El Salvador to Germany at the age of 18, she advises and supports other female entrepreneurs with immigrant backgrounds. 

21. Sandy Carter

Sandy Carter

Senior Vice President and Channel Chief, Unstoppable Domains

Sandy Carter is not only SVP and channel chief at Unstoppable Domains, she’s also been named a Top 3 Innovation Influencer by SXSW, Top Influential Women in Web3, Fast Company’s Most Influential Women in Technology, CNN Magazine’s 10 Most Powerful Women in Tech, and an NAFE Social Media Star. She built high-performing sales teams at IBM, Amazon and her current company, Unstoppable Domains, where she’s grown the number of partners from 50 to 506 in just eight months. Carter is also the founder of Unstoppable Women of Web3, which was founded on International Women’s Day 2022 and has more than 150 partners committed to making the web3 industry more diverse. She is the author of several books, including “Get Bold.”

22. Zen Lenon

Zen Lenon

Enterprise Account Executive, Localization industry

Zen Lenon has had an impactful 15 years of sales experience at SaaS companies. Over her four years at Yelp, she not only closed $1 million in revenue first, but she also ranked first among Yelp’s 1,000-plus sales representatives for a number of those years. When she joined Lokalise, she was their first sales rep in the Americas and closed $1.8 million in revenue as the only rep in her region. Lenon has helped multinational companies expand into local markets around the world by consulting them on how to initiate localization language resources and translation management technologies. Some of these companies include Toyota, HBO, Match Group, GoPro, RBI, The Home Depot, and Groupon. She teaches business development reps how to build their personal brands, and she has her own YouTube channel, The Zen Lenon Group. She is also an advocate for women and the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace. Recently, she got her Realtor license and started a luxury real estate group to help people find their “American dream home.”

23. Kathy Mayerhofer

Kathy Mayerhofer

Chief Sales Officer, Xometry

Kathy Mayerhofer is the chief sales officer at Xometry. Under her leadership, Xometry has become the global digital marketplace for on-demand manufacturing. She is a champion of her clients and Xometry employees. Mayerhofer spearheads Xometry’s “Making an Impact” campaign, which spotlights employees’ contributions to the company. She is also a strong advocate for building diverse teams and including more women in the manufacturing industry, a topic she has addressed at conferences such as TIPE and others. Recently, she was featured on Cheddar News to discuss opportunities for women in the manufacturing industry.

24. Sophie Lelarge

Sophie Lelarge

Chief Revenue Officer and Founding Partner, Pentalog

Sophie Lelarge is a founding partner of Pentalog, which she helped launch 30 years ago. She has helped grow the company from five founders to nearly 1,500 team members worldwide. In her current position as chief revenue officer, she has grown the company’s revenue sixfold from $15 million to $100 million, and built a go-to-market team of 50 people. She is also heavily invested in her company’s social responsibility efforts, supporting social and environmental volunteerism and encouraging educational projects.

25. Ileana Hernandez

Ileana Hernandez

Enterprise Account Executive – LatAm, Epidemic Sound

At just 25 years old, Ileana Hernandez is a rising star in sales. After joining Epidemic Sound as the only sales rep for LatAm, she built out her company’s LatAm branch from the ground up. Now, she’s the point-person for growth in the region and has driven exponential expansion for her company across Latin America. She also has an impressive trilingual background (she speaks Spanish, English and Italian) that she uses to dexterously handle international calls and build relationships with global customers and teams. Friends and colleagues say she’s an inspiration not only to young leaders, but also to Latina women around the world. 

26. Kelly Lewis

Kelly Lewis

Vice President of Revenue Enablement, Highspot

As the VP of revenue enablement at Highspot, Kelly Lewis brings teams together to collectively drive revenue growth. Over the past year, she contributed to an increase in adoption among enterprise customers, expansion into new industries, and traction across Europe. She’s achieved this by increasing the efficiency of internal operations through implementing Highspot’s Strategic Enablement Framework — the definitive model to drive rep behavior change at scale. Kelly is also a dedicated mentor and team leader, with strong annual employee survey results that indicate her dedication to the development of her team. In particular, Lewis focuses on creating safe spaces for working moms to thrive in both their sales careers and personal lives.

27. Amanda Wilde

Amanda Wilde

Senior Manager of Enterprise Sales Development, Loopio

Amanda Wilde is an impactful leader with deep knowledge and passion for the sales development process and people management. She’s on the front lines at her company, crafting effective messaging for sales reps and coaching them to achieve professional growth. Wilde’s super power is her enthusiastic love of all things outbound sales. Her recent experience as an account executive provides her the unique ability to train and coach BDRs to be skill-ready candidates when making the leap to an account executive career path. Her data-driven approach and coaching skills make her an effective manager who drives results while building key competencies in necessary skills for building a career in sales. Near and dear to Wilde is using data to show new BDRs how to be effective and efficient with their time, which leads to protecting their mental health and well-being while supporting their professional growth.

28. Surga Thilakan

Surga Thilakan

Co-Founder and CEO, Salesken

Surga Thilakan is the driving force behind Salesken, a conversational AI product for sales teams that provides real-time assistance to salespeople. She led Salesken in raising $30 million in funding from leading VCs, including Sequoia and M12, and counts the leading financial and ed-tech companies among her company’s clients. Surga also takes a unique approach to leadership and believes that anyone can become a great sales rep, giving junior-level team members a platform for professional development. Prior to launching Salesken, Surga started a skills-based education company where she trained more than 20,000 sales professionals to excel and grow in their careers.

29. Victoria Vassileva

Victoria Vassileva

Commercial Accounts Leader, Arthur

Victoria Vassileva was the first sales hire at Arthur and laid the groundwork for creating repeatable processes other sales reps can leverage to grow the business and establish Arthur as a trusted leader in a new market. She designed messaging, playbooks, presentations and contracts for the company, and was especially crucial to landing the largest deal in company history with a top U.S. bank. She’s recently stepped into leadership, and provides coaching to reps on how to ensure customers are successful. She’s spoken at large conferences such as the AI Summit New York and the Lesbians Who Tech Pride Summit on topics such as “How AI Will Shape the Future of Modern Retail and E-Commerce Operations” and “How to Set Up Your Machine Learning Pipeline for Post-Deployment Success,” bringing awareness to model monitoring and responsible AI practices. This mission underpins her sales motion and informs how she partners with her clients to drive performant AI.

30. Jane Van Sickle

Jane Van Sickle

Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Trulioo

Jane Van Sickle is a proven sales leader that has long prioritized mentoring, knowledge sharing and innovation within the space. Whether it’s rebuilding the sales team at Active Network, creating the first sales team at Unbounce, or reimagining the entire sales function at Trulioo, Van Sickle loves developing and leading high-performing teams. At Trulioo, she personally grew the sales team from only 10 people to more than 40, and in 2021, her enterprise team increased the number of customers by 89% and bookings by 233% year over year. She also created Trulioo’s first employee resource group, Women in Trulioo Sales, that was soon expanded to the wider organization to encourage connection and community for all women at Trulioo. 

31. Archana Lokesh

Archana Lokesh

Global Sales and Business Development Leader

Archana Lokesh began her career as an individual contributor and climbed the ranks to eventually become the head of sales and business development. She played a crucial role in formulating the strategic plan for SDR and BDR functions, while also effectively managing them. Her team not only recognizes her as a skilled leader, but also a mentor and coach under whose guidance they have consistently exceeded their targets by 150%. Moreover, Lokesh is passionately involved in promoting environmental sustainability and implementing ethical business practices. She encourages her team members to prioritize their mental well-being by taking time off and leads by example.

32. Tammy Sexton

Tammy Sexton

Chief Revenue Officer, Skyflow

Tammy Sexton is an enterprise sales leader with over 20 years of sales experience at early- and mid-stage startups. She has a history of scaling revenue for a number of startups, including LaunchDarkly, PagerDuty, Sumo Logic and LogicHub.  She quadrupled LaunchDarkly’s revenue in a year, launched international sales, hired the first account executive in the EMEA region and went on to grow her organization from 20 to over 65 people over two and a half years. As a leader, Sexton prioritizes building diverse teams, serving as a sales mentor and coach, and delving deep into customer pain points.

33. Monika Holland

Monika Holland

Strategic Advisor and Founder, BOLD Business Decisions

Monika Holland is a sales leader advising companies in early growth stages on go-to-market strategies and execution as well as international expansion. She advises SaaS and web3 companies in particular. Holland has helped numerous international organizations and both venture-funded and bootstrapped technology companies expand to new territories, build go-to-market strategies, and grow revenue from zero to $10 million and beyond. She has lived in five different countries over the past 20 years and has led diverse global teams. Holland is also a mentor at Innovation Agency Lithuania, where she advises and coaches young leaders, and is an active contributor to the European startup ecosystem.  

34. Delia Perla

Delia Perla

Senior Revenue Director, Position2

Delia Perla is as passionate about sales and marketing as she is about positive growth in her community, and regularly opens herself up to new personal challenges. Professionally, she is senior director of revenue at Position2, a complete digital marketing growth agency that works with B2B and B2C brands to accelerate their growth. She brings more than 15 years of sales, marketing and project management experience to Position2, and is driving sales while also prioritizing the professional development of her team. She’s also an active board member of Nuestra Casa, a non-profit in East Palo Alto, California, shaping policies and programs that make communities more equitable, prosperous and healthy for Latine families. Perla says the balance of commitment to work, community and personal growth has been key to her success.

35. Olivia Deutschman

Olivia Deutschman

Regional Sales Manager, Verkada

Olivia Deutschman was the first female sales leader in her company’s Austin office, where she immediately made an impact. In her first quarter, her team was the top-performing team in the office, hitting 138% to quota. She was also the first manager in the region to get every rep on her team 100% to quota. Deutschman has led efforts to further diversity, equity and inclusion recruiting initiatives at her company, serves as the chapter lead of the Women at Verkada employee resource group, and mentors young women as they consider stepping into tech sales. Prior to joining Verkada, Deutschman was an enterprise key account executive at Oracle.

A note on our selection methodology

The 2023 Crunchbase Influential Women in Sales List is a submission-based list. Submissions for this list were open to the public between October and December 2022. We evaluated nominees using the following criteria: innovation, influence, business impact, social impact, diversity, potential and company growth. We also assessed nominees based on their embodiment of Crunchbase values, which include taking initiative, doing good and demonstrating open-mindedness and curiosity.

Our aim with this list is to highlight women of diverse backgrounds and varying positions within sales who use their influence to strengthen their organizations, bring forward new ideas, and uplift and empower others. We’re deeply thankful to all participants who submitted a nomination and shared their stories about their colleagues, mentors and friends. For any questions, please reach out to

  • Originally published March 1, 2023, updated March 3, 2023