Get More With Crunchbase Pro Search Statistics

It’s your job to have answers, and Crunchbase Pro is here to make sure they’re data-driven. In this article, we’ll explore how to use Statistics in your Crunchbase Searches to provide hard numbers around the industries you’re watching. 

Let’s say you’ve started a 3D printing company, and you’re getting ready to raise your seed round. You want to get up to speed (quickly!) on your competitors’ recent funding to find active investors in the space. First, you run a Crunchbase Pro Search: 3D Printing Competitors (Raised Seed Funding).

Here’s how to use Statistics in your search:

1. Click Statistics at the top right of your search results.

Crunchbase Pro Statistics Button

2. You’ll instantly see the summary values displayed at the bottom of your results. Statistics apply to all the results, not just the first page. (Hint: Make sure to add the columns you want to analyze!)

In this search, there are 62 seed-stage funding rounds totaling $32.2M.

Crunchbase Pro Statistics in a Crunchbase Pro Search


3. Next, click on any of the summary values at the bottom of your results to see the full set of statistics. Click to choose a different statistic to display at the bottom.

To see more than just the total money raised, click Total at the bottom of the Money Raised column. From here, select median, average, minimum, or maximum to dive into the data.

Crunchbase Pro Statistics TotalCrunchbase Pro Statistics dataCrunchbase Pro Statistics Median


From the Statistics you know the investors who funded the average, min, and max seed rounds in 3D printing.


In seconds, you’ve gained valuable insights that will help you determine how much to raise, and from whom. You’ve learned:

 There are 62 companies in the 3D printing space that have raised Seed rounds in the last 2 years, totaling $32M in funding.

 Median funding round size is $500K, but the highest was a whopping $5M! (Might want to dig into that one later…)

 On average, these funding rounds have 2 investors each.

This example is just one of many ways to use Statistics in Crunchbase Pro. Whether you’re doing competitive research, industry analysis, or just feel like nerding out, use Statistics to answer key questions.

What will you learn today?

  • Originally published January 3, 2018, updated April 26, 2023