Dynamically Explore Companies, Industries, and Trends with Crunchbase Pro’s Timeline Feature

Want to check out all the news about drone companies with over $10M in funding? Or dig into the history of startups with a female founder? Or maybe discover a hot new trend in artificial intelligence?

You can now quickly learn and research the latest news and events about any group of companies or people in Crunchbase using the Timeline tool.

With a quick button, users can toggle to timeline view on either lists or searches (whether they are saved or not!)

Timeline shows you all the news and activity about the results of your search, so you can see who’s been making headlines. Quickly keep updated on everything from acquisitions to recent funding rounds.

The Timeline view allows you to keep track of your favorite companies, and also on anything from:

  • Your favorite saved searches
  • Your portfolio companies and their mentions in the news
  • Some favorite Venture firms and their investments in virtual reality companies
  • Exits in the drone world
  • Acquisitions of companies that were only founded in the last 3 years.

For a quick example, let’s say you have completed a quick search on all of Sequoia Capital’s portfolio companies on Crunchbase Pro.

You can now select the Timeline button to see all activities regarding Sequoia’s portfolio and even narrow down your Timeline to only show acquisitions or exclusively news mentions.

If you’d like to see a comprehensive timeline of all of Sequoia’s acquired companies you can do so by selecting “Acquisition” rather than “All Activities” next to the Timeline button.

From here you can even dive further by using Pro’s search tool to only list IoT companies or companies with a female founder with a quick additional filter.

Use Timeline as a way to dynamically discover trends and patterns and help you make business decisions for the future.  


Any questions on Timeline or any other of Crunchbase Pro’s features? Feel free to reach out to us at prosupport@crunchbase.com. Check back here soon to learn more about other Crunchbase Pro tools.


  • Originally published January 17, 2017, updated April 26, 2023