How Crunchbase Pro Saved Frank’s Valentine’s Day

It’s the morning of February 14th, just another workday in the life of Frank, sales director at the Bay Area headquarters of CloudStuff, Inc. A conscientious and thoughtful fellow, he is what his mother—and more importantly, his girlfriend Marisa—consider “an eligible bachelor”.

During his first morning meeting, his favorite sales rep, Jen, asks, “Frank, what’d you get Marisa for Valentine’s Day?”

Frank freezes and feels the blood drain from his face.

He has a reputation for being quick on his feet and he wasn’t about to suffer the ignominy of romantic defeat.

Flowers, Chocolates—on the Double!
In about 30 seconds, Frank builds a search in Crunchbase Pro for companies that meet his criteria:

  • Flower companies
  • Based in the United States
Seach here:

Since BloomThat is based in his city of San Francisco, Frank checks out more by clicking the Timeline button on the top-right of the search results, and locates the helpful story Business Insider (tech) — This company helps guys take the guesswork out of sending flowers for Valentine’s Day. “O.K., one down, one to go,” Frank whispers under his breath.

Next, Frank wants to add something sweet to Marisa’s gift, so he pulls together a quick search for companies meeting these criteria:

    • Categories: “food processing”, “food delivery”
    • Description: contains the word “chocolate”
    • Headquarters: United States

In the blink of an eye, up comes a list of 20 chocolate-delivery companies. He notices Imagine Chocolate, a startup located close by that “produces musically themed” chocolates.

Search here:

“Cool!” says Frank under his breath, grinning to himself. “Marisa is a huge Pink Floyd fan. She’ll love this. Plus, I’ll score major ‘creativity points’.”

And that’s the story
…of how Frank saved his relationship in less than 30 minutes with Crunchbase Pro.

If Frank can score a last-minute triumph, imagine what you could do with Crunchbase Pro. Rapidly surface hidden clients, partners, investors, or companies to acquire, and save valuable time.

Don’t be like Frank…
Your Valentine a wino?
Or chocolate-obsessed?
Maybe just need a bouquet for yourself?

 Happy Valentine’s Day from Crunchbase!

  • Originally published February 14, 2017, updated April 26, 2023