100 Startup Accelerators Around the World You Need to Know About

Some of the most well-known tech companies in the world, including several unicorns, went through startup accelerators at some point in their existence. Airbnb, valued at over $30 billion. PillPack, acquired by Amazon for $735 million. Stripe, valued at over $20 billion. Brex, valued at over two billion dollars.

Why? Because the benefits startup accelerators grant early-stage companies – capital, community, and mentorship, to name a few – are invaluable.

Any entrepreneur will tell you that building a startup is hard. While failure happens more than success in the world of startups, accelerators enable ambitious individuals to increase their chances of building a successful business.

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Selection Methodology

To create this list of 100 startup accelerators around the world, we looked at two factors: each company’s location and current Crunchbase Rank (as of the writing of this article).

Once we had an established list of 100 accelerators, we organized them by continent.


Crunchbase Rank is a dynamic rank for all profiles (companies and individuals) in the Crunchbase dataset. It measures the popularity of a profile, which can go up or down, based on a variety of signals within Crunchbase.

List last updated: 8/9/19

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Startup accelerators in Africa

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Headquarters: Giza, Egypt

Flat6Labs is Sawari Ventures’ dedicated startup accelerator for seed stage investments. Launched in Cairo in 2011, it assists and encourages entrepreneurs throughout the critical first steps of development. Every four months, it funds and mentors a number of carefully selected startups from Egypt and the MENA region, providing them with seed capital and physical hosting at its premises. In addition, it offers interaction-based mentorship and educational experiences organized in conjunction with the American University in Cairo.

Spring Accelerator
Headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya

Spring Accelerator provides financing, world-class mentors, and technical expertise to businesses that can improve the lives of adolescent girls. An estimated 250 million adolescent girls live in poverty worldwide, unable to build assets or safely raise the income needed for a more prosperous life. Backed by three of the most influential and innovative organizations in the world – UK’s Department for International Development, the Nike Foundation, and USAID – Spring Accelerator identifies and supports ventures that can bring life-enhancing products and services to this huge population.

Headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya

88mph provides early-stage web/mobile companies in Africa with up to $100K in funding through their 3-month startup accelerator program. They provide product advice, go-to-market, sales strategies, company structure, hiring, funding options, and scalability. They’ll also bring in experienced individuals from around the world to fill in the gaps.

AUC Venture Lab
Headquarters: Cairo, Egypt

AUC Venture Lab (V-Lab), the first university-based incubator in Egypt, incubates early-stage and growth-stage startups that are chosen through a selection process that judges the novelty of the idea, the team’s track record and cohesion, scalability and potential for commercialization, and the team’s tenacity and commitment to success.

Startupbootcamp Cape Town
Headquarters: Cape Town, South Africa

Startupbootcamp Cape Town is an accelerator focused on startups in blockchain, connected devices, payment solutions, capital markets, asset management, integrated supply chain, e-commerce, retailtech, insurtech, alternative financing, identity management, digital connectivity, data and behavioral analytics and enabling technologies. From a pool of hundreds of applications, Startupbootcamp Cape Town selects 10 of the most promising teams, and provides each team with €15,000, 100+ highly engaged mentors from the FinTech, InsurTech and RegTech industries, free office space, access to funding, and a network of industry partners, investors, and venture capital firms.

1864 Accelerator
Headquarters: Giza, Egypt

The 1864 Accelerator is the first fintech startup accelerator program of its kind in Egypt. Powered by Flat6Labs in partnership with Barclays Bank Egypt, the accelerator is a platform for fostering innovation in the fintech space in Egypt through enabling entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into commercially viable solutions.

Headquarters: Cape Town, South Africa

Techqala is a 9-day program that helps startups going through their growth phase. The accelerator provides guidance, talks, practical exercises, mentorship, and direct access to experts to help startups in their program reach escape velocity.

Seed Engine
Headquarters: Gîza, Egypt

Seed Engine is a startup accelerator aiming to coach and mentor entrepreneurs into becoming world-class leaders. Their experienced team of venture capitalists, coaches, and psychologists run two 12-week accelerator programs per year, each consisting of a maximum 10 startups.

Velociti ZW
Headquarters: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Velociti ZW‘s 6-month program provides early-stage startups with capital, a mix of resources and infrastructure, access to advisors and mentors, and a community of accelerated founders.

Aurik Business Accelerator
Headquarters: Johannesburg, South Africa

Aurik Business Accelerator invests in early-stage and established businesses to accelerate their growth and profitability.


Startup Accelerators in Asia

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Headquarters: Singapore

Antler is a global startup accelerator and early-stage venture capital firm. With the mission to turn exceptional individuals into great founders, Antler aims to create thousands of companies globally. They select ambitious and determined people, help them find the right co-founder, and connect them to a toptier network of advisors and experts worldwide. Antler breaks the barriers to entrepreneurship by providing funding from day one and building strong teams from the ground up, while enabling founders to rapidly launch and scale their ideas.

Headquarters: Hong Kong, China

Brinc is a startup accelerator, manufacturing studio, and distribution company that helps founders build technology businesses through its programs, services, and sales support.

SparkLabs Accelerator
Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

SparkLabs is a global startup accelerator providing investment solutions and mentoring for startups who want to expand to the global marketplace. The company offers its services to entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their business ventures into foreign countries such as the USA, China, and Japan. SparkLabs offers training programs, investment facilities, mentoring programs, and office space solutions to early-stage startup companies.

Headquarters: Hong Kong, China

Zeroth is a startup accelerator for early-stage startups in Asia. It primarily invests in A.I. technology with a focus on edge computing, natural language, autonomous vehicles, agtech, human-machine interface technology, and ethical computing. Through a three-month program, Zeroth invests between $20,000 and $120,000 in funding in exchange for a six-percent stake in companies.

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

Primer is a startup accelerator that provides entrepreneurs with seed funding to get them started and mentoring and other support services to help ensure successful outcomes in their new ventures.

Headquarters: Amman, Jordan

Oasis500 is a seed investment company and business accelerator in the tech and creative industry spaces based in Amman, Jordan. They help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into scalable businesses. In addition, they provide education and eventually help their companies get follow-on funding.

Headquarters: Shanghai, China

Chinaccelerator is a startup accelerator that provides seed funding, mentorship, and legal assistance to software companies. Twice a year, Chinaccelerator handpicks a small number of promising startups and invites them to join the company’s accelerator program in return for ~6% equity. Chinaccelerator then invests $30,000 via convertible note or directly into rounds actively being raised. Participating startups move to Shanghai where Chinaccelerator helps optimize product market fit, develop local growth strategies, and close out the program with a focus on showing the progress of the companies in their program to investors.

Headquarters: Shenzhen, China

HAX is a venture capital-based program dedicated to accelerating hardware startups. Their program operates across two locations, Shenzhen and San Francisco, giving founders the resources necessary to move quickly. To date, the company has accelerated over 200 companies and has helped them deliver 147 products to market.

Tribe Accelerator
Headquarters: Singapore

Tribe Accelerator is the first Singapore government-supported blockchain accelerator. The product development-focused accelerator aims to provide promising startups a hyper-connected platform to develop innovative solutions together with a network of global corporations, government agencies, and top blockchain companies.

Headquarters: Bundangdong, South Korea

Through mentoring, angel funding, and offering office space, Neoply focuses on investing in South Korean startups. Since 2008, 40 startups have been incubated and accelerated.

Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan

AppWorks is one of the largest startup accelerators in Greater Southeast Asia. AppWorks launched its Taipei-based accelerator program in 2010 to help Greater Southeast Asian Internet startups optimize their products and business strategies. Every six months, AppWorks Accelerator recruits 30-40 promising startups working on AI, blockchain, and other rapidly growing verticals. With 351 startups and 1,044 founders in its alumni network to date, the AppWorks Ecosystem is the largest of its kind in Asia. All AppWorks startups collectively generate $2.86 billion in annual revenues, provide 10,115 jobs and are valued at $3.97 billion.

CoWrks Foundry
Headquarters: Bangalore, India

The CoWrks Foundry is a tech startup accelerator that provides tailored mentorship, industry-specific curriculum, and access to a community of pioneers to help companies build resilient businesses.

1337 Ventures
Headquarters: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1337 Ventures is a technology startup accelerator and early-stage venture capital firm focused on doing pre-seed and seed stage investments in Malaysia as well as South East Asia.

India Accelerator
Headquarters: Gurgaon, India

India Accelerator is a sector and stage agnostic startup accelerator, which has programs spread over 4 months where 5-10 selected startups will have access to technology, business services, incubation space, and mentoring focused on the individuality of product and business development.

Headquarters: Wan Chai, Hong Kong

The SuperCharger is a FinTech accelerator program dedicated to both startups and more established global companies aiming to capture the Asian growth market. They are sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank, Chinese online giant Baidu, and coworking space operator TusPark Global Network, which has produced 19 IPOs through its accelerator programs.

Z Nation Lab
Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Z Nation Lab provides an ecosystem to tech entrepreneurs and startups to help them accelerate their growth. They’re an early-stage startup accelerator and Seed fund that provides seed capital, technical expertise, and network to startups.

NFQ Asia
Headquarters: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

NFQ Asia is a startup accelerator focusing on e-business strategy and software development. The services offered include strategy development, IT engineering, operations scaling, staffing, business development, product development, and product marketing.

Axilor Ventures
Headquarters: Bangalore, India 98

Axilor Ventures is an early-stage seed fund and startup accelerator. In the last three years, Axilor has supported more than 80 startups, made 30+ investments and has an active Alumni network of 150+ founders. Axilor focuses on early-stage investments across the following sectors: Consumer Internet, Enterprise SaaS, Healthcare Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, and Industrial IoT.


Startup accelerators in Australia

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Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

LaunchVic works in partnership with entrepreneurs, industry, business, the community, and their educational institutions to strengthen Victoria’s entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem.

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

With more than six years of existence to its name, BlueChilli helps founders build products, secure investment, and establish their first team. Currently, of the companies that have gone through their program, there have been four exits and one IPO.

H2 Ventures
Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

H2 Ventures is the venture capital firm behind the H2 Accelerator, a 20-week startup accelerator focused on fintech, data, and A.I. Since 2013, H2 Ventures has been bringing together talented entrepreneurs, investors, forward-thinking established financial services organizations and other thought leaders in the world of technology enabled disruption. Through the H2 Accelerator, they provide capital,knowledge, and mentoring to support high caliber founders.

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Incubate, created by two entrepreneurial students and developed by the University of Sydney Union, is an early-stage/pre-seed 14-week accelerator that has graduated over 80 startups since its founding in 2012.

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Muru-D is a 6-month program that gives founders access to a global network of mentors, alumni, investors and partners, along with a coworking space, international trade trips, and many more perks.

Muru-D is also located in Singapore.

Headquarters: Adelaide, Australia

Innovyz is a 13-week accelerator program that provides a $20,000 stipend to teams of three who are selected to participate in its program. The program includes mentoring by successful entrepreneurs, learning programs around growing a company, identifying target markets, working and reworking the company’s plan, and a presentation to potential investors on the last day of the program.

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

Startmate is a group of startup executives that offers mentorship and seed financing solutions to founders of internet and software businesses based in Australia. It’s a three-month program that offers a $75,000 investment, mentorship from more than 40 successful founders, legal counsel, and a one-week trip to Silicon Valley.

QUT Creative Enterprise Australia
Kelvin Grove, Australia

QUT Creative Enterprise Australia (CEA) is a startup accelerator dedicated to the creative industries. It helps start, grow, scale, and connect creative companies. Since 2008, over 3,500 entrepreneurs have leveraged CEA services, they’ve supported over 150 companies on site, and created over 25 startups and established Australia’s first creative Startup Fund. As an accelerator, CEA offers access to workspace, mentoring, special events, networks, research expertise, and capital to foster the growth of the creative industries in Australia.

Sparklabs Cultiv8
Headquarters: Orange, Australia

SparkLabs Cultiv8 is an accelerator and research facility co-founded by the SparkLabs Group, tech accelerator group based in Asia, and the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), together with a number of leading farms and large corporate partners.

Headquarters: Richmond, Australia

AngelCube provides a 3-month program where they help startups build better products, accelerate growth, and build successful – and globally scalable – businesses. Each year AngelCube accepts up to 10 startups into their accelerator program that covers all aspects of a company launch including product development to product-market fit, customer acquisition and fundraising.

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

CyRise is a startup accelerator that focuses on early-stage cybersecurity startups. Their six-month, mentor-driven accelerator program provides each company with $50,000 in capital (as part of a capped SAFE note), mentorship, community, and opportunities to reach early customers.

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

SproutX, a collaboration between Findex and the National Farmers Federation, is a startup accelerator program for early-stage startups in the agriculture technology (agtech) space. They offer startups $40,000 in capital, mentorship from the world’s top agtech experts, 6 months of office space in their agtech hub, access to Australia’s agricultural institutions, and distribution opportunities.

RCL Accelerator
Headquarters: Brisbane, Australia

RCL Accelerator is a startup accelerator powered by muru-D based in Brisbane, Australia. Once a year they invest a small amount of money ($60k) in up to 10 companies. The startups move to Brisbane for 3 months full-time and then receive part-time support for an additional 3 months.


Startup accelerators in Europe

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Entrepreneur First
Headquarters: London, England

Entrepreneur First is a company builder that invests in individuals “pre-team, pre-idea” to help create new technology startups. The company selects these individuals purely on the basis of technical talent. Their intensive 6-month program is designed to give newly formed startups the best possible support in the first 200 days of their existence.

Entrepreneur First has created over 100 startups now worth over $1B.

Startup Wise Guys
Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia

With more than 145 startups accelerated and over 200 international and local mentors, Startup Wise Guys is an early-stage investor in the broader Central and Eastern Europe region and Nordics. Their 3-month accelerator program helps startups focus on validating their ideas, developing them, and selling products to customers.

Headquarters: London, England

Startupbootcamp is a global network of industry-focused startup accelerators that provides investment and mentorship services during a 3-month accelerator program. Startups receive €15,000 towards living expenses, a 6-month co-working space membership, over €450,000 in sponsored services and the platform to pitch to over 400 investors at Investor Demo Day.

Accel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator
Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Accel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator is a joint venture between the Plug and Play Tech Centre and Axel Springer that connects startups to mentors, clients, investors.

Buildit Accelerator
Headquarters: Riga, Latvia

Buildit is the first startup accelerator in the Baltic States and Nordic countries with the focus on physical devices and Internet of Things. Their 3-month program provides startups with mentoring, product and business development, and a follow-on individual mentoring program (up to 2 years).

In addition, startups receive pre-seed cash investment with possible follow on seed investment.

European Pioneers
Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

European Pioneers is a startup accelerator that boosts small and medium-sized digital enterprises and web entrepreneurs in the European media and content sector. The company provides public funding as well as an intensive 8-month accelerator program.

Zero Gravity
Headquarters: Lisbon, Portugal

Zero Gravity is a founder-focused startup accelerator program. Their goal is to provide founders with a frictionless environment that helps them develop their ventures into successful and meaningful businesses. Over the course of 3 months, entrepreneurs get access to mentoring sessions, workshops, office space, co-creation opportunities, and customized help.

World Startup Factory
Headquarters: The Hague, Netherlands

World Startup Factory helps founders accelerate their businesses through a 30-day bootcamp that’s followed by 5 months of customized support to increase success in the market.

Huckletree Alpha Programme
Headquarters: London, England

Huckletree Alpha Programme is a 12-week-long accelerator program for startups at the pre-seed stage in London and Dublin. Each cohort benefits from relentless pitch practice, workshops led by industry superstars, real-time feedback from their community, as well as exposure to talent, partners, clients, and investors.

Founders Factory
Location: London, England

Founders Factory helps early-stage companies rapidly become viable, sustainable businesses. They have a blend of what early stage companies require: expedited pre-seed funding, agile technology development, lean acceleration, and world class mentors.

Rockstart Accelerator
Headquarters: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Rockstart launched as one of Europe’s first startup accelerators. Today, the accelerator is an international company that supports and empowers startups on their way to success across four domains: Energy, Health, AgriFood, and Emerging technologies. They provide startups with access to capital, market, community, and expertise by connecting them to partners, investors, mentors, and the wider Rockstart network.

Katapult Accelerator
Headquarters: Oslo, Norway

The Katapult Accelerator is an impact-tech accelerator program that works with startups using exponential technologies to solve environmental and societal challenges.

The Startup Training
Headquarters: Milan, Italy

The Startup Training helps early-stage startups create sustainable, scalable, profitable, exitable business models in an effort to generate the right metrics to complete their first round of fundraising.

Alpha Programme London
Headquarters: London, England

The Alpha Programme is a 12-week-long accelerator program for startups at the pre-seed stage in London and Dublin. Each cohort goes through pitch practice, workshops led by industry excerpts, and gets real-time feedback from the Alpha Programme community and exposure to talent, partners, clients, and investors.

Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey

Hackquarters is a startup accelerator and corporate innovation partner that offers companies access to a vast network of mentors in its 3- to 12- month programs among other perks and benefits. To date, they’ve accelerated over 150 startups and have helped over 40 corporations innovate through startup collaboration.

Hatch Blue
Headquarters: Cork, Ireland

Hatch Blue is an aquaculture accelerator supporting startups in the fields of aquaculture feed, health, genetics, tech, and production.

Headquarters: London, England

Zinc’s accelerator programs bring together 50 founders for 9 months to find their co-founders and build new businesses from scratch. Each 9-month program is mission-led because of theirbelief in the power of missions to mobilize the best talent, ideas, and capital.

North America

Startup Accelerators in North America

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Y Combinator
Headquarters: Mountain View, California

When it comes to startup accelerators, Y Combinator (YC) is one of the most well-known in the world.

As an accelerator that provides seed-stage funding, some of the most well-known accelerated companies (e.g. Airbnb, Dropbox, and Reddit) are YC alumni.

Headquarters: Boulder, Colorado

With more than a thousand companies in its accelerator portfolio and a marketing cap of $8.1 billion, Techstars connects founders and their teams with other entrepreneurs, experts, mentors, alumni, investors, community leaders, and corporate partners who will help their companies grow.

StartUp Health
Headquarters: New York, New York

StartUp Health’s digital health portfolio consists of more than 200 companies spanning five continents, 18 countries, and 60+ cities. To date, 12 of its startups have been acquired by companies including Intel, WebMD, Under Armour, and Zimmer Biomet, and its companies have raised over $800M of funding since 2012.

500 Startups
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

With 150 people based in 20 countries managing venture investments across 74 countries and speaking over 25 languages, 500 Startups is a global venture firm and startup accelerator with over 2,200 investments in technology startups.

In addition to investments, 500 Startups runs educational programs, events, conferences, and partnerships globally.

Alchemist Accelerator
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Founded in 2012, Alchemist Accelerator caters exclusively to enterprise startups. In other words, startups whose customers are large enterprises.

Women’s Startup Lab
Headquarters: Menlo Park, California

Women’s Startup Lab is an accelerator program focused on female founders and their teams. Their community of women entrepreneurs empowers founders to create impactful startups and influence and shape the world through their companies.

Dreamit Ventures
Headquarters: New York, New York

Founded in 2008, Dreamit Ventures is an early-stage venture fund that accelerates tech startups in healthcare, real estate/built environment, and security. To date, the company has accelerated nearly 300 startups, including LevelUp (acquired by GrubHub), Trendkite (acquired by Cision), SeatGeek, HouseParty, and Adaptly (acquired by Accenture).

Google Launchpad Accelerator
Headquarters: Mountain View, California

Google Launchpad Accelerator is a six-month acceleration program for growth-stage startups from emerging markets. Through this program, startups get the opportunity to collaborate with Google engineers, Silicon Valley experts, and top mentors from around the world. The program offers equity-free support, Google product credits, and an all-expense-paid training in San Francisco.

The Company Lab
Headquarters: Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Company Lab is a nonprofit startup accelerator that supports entrepreneurial growth in southeast Tennessee.

100K Ventures
Headquarters: Flint, Michigan

100K Ventures invests in early-stage companies who receive a high assessment from the 100K Ideas pipeline. The 100K Ideas pipeline provides a helping hand in business development to anyone regardless of their prior experience or background, while ranking the business viability throughout the process.

Headquarters: Portland, Oregon

Through a series of focused programs, funding opportunities, and partnerships, VertueLab – a climate impact accelerator – advances promising technologies to market while helping innovators find the resources they need to move their vision forward.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Expa was founded by Garrett Camp, co-founder of Uber and StumbleUpon, to help entrepreneurs create successful startups.

Union Kitchen
Headquarters: Washington, D.C.

Union Kitchen builds successful food businesses by providing expertise, networks, and infrastructure to scale. Food and beverage businesses that are accepted into their program go through a 12-week program where company mission, packaging, launch strategy, and more are fine-tuned.

To date, the accelerator has achieved 500 products launched, $20M raised, and over a thousand jobs created.

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

Founded by two Bain & Company consultants, John Harthorne and Akhil Nigam, MassChallenge is a global nonprofit startup accelerator and competition with a focus on high-impact, early-stage entrepreneurs.

To date, MassChallenge has accelerated 2,344 startups, contributed to 136K jobs being created, over $2.7B in total revenue generated, and over $5B in total funding raised.

Village Capital
Headquarters: Washington, D.C.

Village Capital finds, trains, and invests in entrepreneurs solving real-world problems. The company builds communities around entrepreneurs and their ventures to improve opportunities for growth and success.

Plug and Play
Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California

Plug and Play is a seed and early-stage investor focused on great teams leading emerging growth companies. Plug and Play runs 12 industry-specific accelerator programs twice a year, that acts as a platform for major corporations and high quality startups to connect and collaborate. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Plug and Play participates in Seed, Angel, and Series A funding where they often co-invest with their strategic partners.

Cogo Labs
Headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Originally founded in 2005, Cogo Labs is the technology-driven venture accelerator behind some of the Boston area’s fastest-growing web companies.

Clean Energy Trust
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Clean Energy Trust is a 501(c)(3) public charity cleantech accelerator that fuels innovation to create a healthier environment and more prosperous future. The accelerator invests across the spectrum of cleantech including energy efficiency, agriculture, energy generation, energy storage, and transportation technologies.

Startup UCLA Accelerator
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

Startup UCLA’s accelerator provides a workspace, guidance, legal services and mentors to early-stage companies. The 10-week program exposes teams to top entrepreneurs, investors, and experts in web-related topics.

Smarter in the City
Headquarters: West Roxbury, Massachusetts

Smarter in the City is a 5-month accelerator program that’s specifically addressing the lack of opportunities for computer science and digital media entrepreneurs in inner-city neighborhoods and minority communities. Startups in their program receive stipends, workspace, a mentorship program, and other resources to help them get their idea off the ground.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

MouseBelt is a full-service blockchain startup accelerator that leverages an internal team of developers, marketers, and business development experts to help startups in their program grow faster.

Lair East Labs
Headquarters: New York, United States

Lair East Labs is a startup accelerator for founders interested in launching businesses in the US with access to the Asian Market. At the heart of Lair East Labs lies the 10-week accelerator program, in which the company help invest capital ($50K) and accelerate 10 -12 startups each year who are ready to explore and take on our program. Our 10-week program combines the best of both worlds- Learn from alumni founders of top Silicon Valley-style accelerators and gain access to a mentor and investor network with extensive experience navigating the Asian market.

Creative Destruction Lab
Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

The Creative Destruction Lab is a seed-stage program for massively scalable, science- and technology-based ventures. It employs a unique, objectives-focused coaching process to help founders commercialize advances in science and technology. The program pairs startups with exited entrepreneurs and star scientists in areas such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, healthcare, blockchain, energy, and cleantech.

NEXT Canada
Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

NEXT Canada is a national nonprofit charity with a focus on increasing national prosperity through innovation and entrepreneurship. The company’s mission is to improve national prosperity by providing an ecosystem to support the country’s most exceptional entrepreneurs and innovators.

Headquarters: Montreal, Canada

TandemLaunch scouts, accelerates, and commercializes early-stage technologies from the world’s top universities in close partnership with major consumer electronic brands. They collaborate with innovative entrepreneurs and technologists to turn these initial ideas into high-quality startup ventures that their partners then lead to international impact. Their program provides innovators with mentorship, turn-key engineering, and business resources, and up to $800k in seed financing.

Victory Square
Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

Victory Square Technologies (VST) is a technology accelerator with over 20 innovative portfolio companies.

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

FounderFuel is a mentor-driven venture accelerator that helps new startups make progress on the venture path. The company is a three month intensive program supported by a network of veteran entrepreneurs, operators, and executives.

Accelerator Centre
Headquarters: Waterloo, Canada

Accelerator Centre provides a combination of in-house mentorship, educational programming, facilities, networking, and access to funding and facility services with a goal of building successful companies. It helps entrepreneurs move from startup to scale-up, accelerate the time to market, and help attract customers, investment, and revenue.

South America

Startup accelerators in South America

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WOW Aceleradora
Headquarters: Porto Alegre, Brazil

WOW connects startups and investors through an accelerated program that combines capital, networking, mentoring, and training.

Startup-Up Chile
Headquarters: Santiago, Chile

Start-Up Chile is an accelerator for startups that want to use Chile as a platform to go global. With a large portfolio of startups (they receive up to 160 startups per year), the accelerator has two distinct programs: a pre-acceleration program for startups with female founders and a Seed program for startups with less than three years of development.

Startup Braga
Headquarters: Braga Portugal

The Startup Braga is designed to support the creation and development projects with high potential entrepreneurs in international markets. In partnership with Microsoft, they offer acceleration programs for startups that have global ambitions.

Ace Startups
Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil

ACE was created by a group of entrepreneurs who created an accelerator program that provides all the tools, services, and mentoring needed to help startups based in Brazil succeed. To date, they’ve accelerated over 250 startups and have had 10 exits.

Startup Farm
Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil

Startup Farm began as an education program for new entrepreneurs and eventually evolved into an accelerator program to help high-potential founders create businesses.

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

As an industry-agnostic company, APX invests and supports early-stage startups across Europe by giving them $50K for a 5% stake, a community of over 10,000 influential professionals, and 100-day acceleration program that’s customized to the startup to ensure they’re investor-ready.

Headquarters: Rosario, Argentina

Glocal is an accelerator focused on agriculture tech startups and mid-sized companies. Their location, in the heart of the agricultural region of Latin America, allows the accelerator to provide the tools, network, and knowledge to help these companies scale.

Headquarters: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

21212 funds, builds, and accelerates digital startups in Rio de Janeiro (21) and New York (212). Hence the name 21212.

With an experienced international team composed of former entrepreneurs and executives, 21212 applies the best practices from across the world, skilled resources, and operational expertise to help companies build the team, grow their businesses, and raise the capital needed to become category leading digital companies.

Headquarters: Brasilândia, Brazil

Using best practices from around the world, Cotidiano’s accelerator program has invested in more than 30 startups from more than 8 states in Brazil. The program happens twice a year and lasts for 12 weeks, and selected companies receive an investment of R$ 100k (~$26.4K USD).

Papaya Ventures
Headquarters: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Papaya Ventures is a multi-thematic startup accelerator program based on design-thinking and user-experience mentorship. Each six-month cycle has a specific theme based on technology, business, and consumer trends, with the program being tailored to that theme with relevant workshops and mentors.

Imagine Lab
Headquarters: Santiago, Chile

Imagine Lab is a Microsoft-backed incubator and accelerator that provides mentorship and connects startups with corporations. The firm is located in both Chile and Argentina, working to develop, transform, and strengthen innovative technology-based ventures throughout the region.

Headquarters: Mendoza, Argentina

Embarca is a startup accelerator made to invest in and support local early-stage startups. Their 5-month accelerator program gives startups access to capital ($50K USD), mentoring, and help with growth and traction in an effort to get each company to the next level.

Headquarters: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

PortXL is a port acceleration program for disruptive port innovations to help change the way maritime is shaped today. As ecosystem of startups, corporate partners, and mentors from around the world, PortXL provides hands-on mentorship, a global maritime network, and valuable pilot opportunities with corporate partners.

Barcelona Ventures
Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Ventures helps startups based in Spain, and the rest of Europe, get a foothold in Silicon Valley. Through their cross-border accelerator program, they help these companies connect with U.S. investors.

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