Yahoo! Leads 2013 YTD Acquisitions with 19 including RockMelt, Xobni, and Tumblr

In 2013 Yahoo!‘s acquisitions have consistently been in the news.  So far this year, Yahoo! has acquired 19 companies, including last week’s talent acquisition of Rockmelt.  Other notable acquisitions include Xobni, Qwiki, Tumblr, and Summly.


CrunchBase tracks acquisitions, big and small. In today’s CrunchBase DailyTrainSignal acquired Plural Sight for $24 million, Angie’s List acquired BrightNest for $6.3 million, and IBT Media acquired Newsweek.  Here’s a quick breakdown of 2013 acquisitions found in the CrunchBase dataset:


21% of acquisitions were from San Francisco and 6% were from New York:


Earlier this month CB Insights compared acquisition data from DJ Venture Source, PWC Money Tree. Since CrunchBase wasn’t included in the analysis, we ran our own and added PitchBook, as well. In addition to data for this post,  all of our data is available in an Excel spreadsheet.


Remember, CrunchBase is the free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit. The funding rounds, people profiles and company milestones are powered by our readers. Everyone benefits when you update your profile and your company’s milestones.  CrunchBase data powers TechCrunch and many other websites plus it’s used behind the scenes by hundreds of investment firms and corporate development teams.  If you are having trouble editing CrunchBase or find an error, just drop us a note at

  • Originally published August 6, 2013, updated April 26, 2023