Yahoo Finance Partners with Crunchbase for Premier Data on Private Companies

Today, we’re happy to announce that Yahoo Finance will partner with Crunchbase to provide data on private companies. Already the go-to source for public company information, Yahoo Finance will now add even more value for their audience by integrating portions of Crunchbase’s market-leading private company data. Yahoo Finance users will now get a quick Crunchbase snapshot on private companies as they conduct their daily research.

This is a subset of the rich and comprehensive data available on the Crunchbase platform. It allows Yahoo Finance users to easily grab the essentials of a private company and provides a gateway to Crunchbase’s platform in order to dig in further.

Crunchbase’s Private Company Data Now in Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance users can now quickly view a private organization’s latest funding, featured team, and more—all within the leading business and financial resource in the world.

“Yahoo Finance is always looking for new and meaningful ways to expand our offerings,” said Charles Hartel, Head of Product at Yahoo Finance. “This is our first foray into the private company sector, and we’re excited to partner with Crunchbase, to bring their market-leading information to our millions of users every day.”

Crunchbase maintains timely and comprehensive data through a multifaceted approach to data collection. This includes the unique Crunchbase Venture Partner Network, a group of over 3,500 venture capital firms that report their portfolio updates directly to Crunchbase, as well as the broad Crunchbase community, an in-house data team, and machine learning algorithms. This system of checks and balances ensures that Crunchbase has the most timely private company data directly from the source and from across the globe.

Two years ago, Crunchbase Pro was introduced to help users more easily navigate the private company ecosystem on Crunchbase with advanced search and tracking tools. Earlier this year, the Crunchbase Marketplace integrated additional third-party data directly on the platform.

Crunchbase’s private company data gives Yahoo Finance users added convenience, easy accessibility, and one-click access to dive deeper into a private company’s information.

Jager McConnell, CEO of Crunchbase, shared, “We’re excited to partner with Yahoo Finance, one of the world’s leading sources of financial news and information. The addition of Crunchbase’s market-leading private company data will provide millions of Yahoo Finance users with an enhanced experience, up-to-the-minute insights, and easy access to Crunchbase company profiles as they conduct their market research.”

Check out Crunchbase information live on Yahoo Finance here.

  • Originally published August 15, 2018, updated April 26, 2023