Early stage venture funding has changed since 2009. For many startups it takes longer to raise a Series A and those rounds are getting larger, according to our data. In response, companies are raising multiple seed rounds since the hurdle to raise a Series A round is higher.

We thought we would look into micro-funds and see who is filling this institutional gap for the startup companies who are in continual fundraising mode.

Here is a list of micro-funds (sub-$50M) raised so far in 2014 as seen in CrunchBase. This list includes firms around the globe who are primarily focused on seed or early stage venture investing. If it’s an inaugural fund, the firm will be tagged as “new.”

Please reach out to venture@crunchbase.com if you should be added to this list, and we will repost if we have missed a significant number of funds. We will be doing more to analyze early stage fundings based on what we learn from the community and what the data in CrunchBase tells us. If you have anything to add please reach out on Twitter via @geneteare. Venture firms, accelerators, and angel groups can join the CrunchBase Venture Program here.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Tax Credits.

  • Originally published July 24, 2014