Top 100 GovTech Companies: Government Technology Publishes 2019 GovTech 100

Government Technology is excited to partner with Crunchbase on the widely recognized GovTech 100 for 2019, a list compiling the top 100 technology companies focused on selling to state and local government agencies across the United States.

Top 100 GovTech Companies for 2019

Newcomers to the GovTech 100

This is the fourth annual list published by GovTech. This year we feature 24 companies making their first appearance on the list. Some include:

  • Acivilate, a SaaS company committed to reducing recidivism (criminal reoffense)
  • Coord, a mobility company that creates seamless self-driving experiences
  • Promise, a startup providing a cost-effective, humane alternative to incarceration
  • Rachio, a technology company offering a smart irrigation controller
  • Biobot Analytics, a startup helping cities fight the opioid epidemic by analyzing sewage

Increased interest in acquiring govtech companies

Also, the govtech industry had an increased amount of mergers and acquisitions; additionally, we also saw impressive amounts of funding. For example, a few notable rounds of funding included $38M in Series C for Mark43 and $30M in Series B for RapidSOS. We also saw several seed rounds this past year, including $3.5M for Seneca Systems and $3.9M for RoadBotics.

Moreover, the market witnessed a few dominant companies make multiple acquisitions, with Tyler Technologies acquiring Socrata and SceneDoc, and GTY Technology Holdings acquiring CityBase, OpenCounter, and Questica and three others in a reverse IPO. In total, 11% of the 2018 GovTech 100 companies were acquired, further demonstrating that govtech is a market that investors should take note of.

Current state and local needs driving GovTech opportunities in 2019

Top funded GovTech companies

Additionally, The top funded companies on the 2019 GovTech 100 list include:

  • Motorola Solutions ($1 billion), a communications company for public safety and commercial customers
  • Nextdoor ($285 million), a private communications platform for neighborhoods
  • Accela ($256 million), a SaaS solutions company that empowers governments to build thriving communities
  • Axon ($246 million), an electrical weapons management solutions company
  • Moovit ($131 million), a Mobility as a Service provider and public transit app

You can find the full list of total funding amounts for the 2019 GovTech 100 companies here.

Increasingly big market opportunities for GovTech

Going forward, Government Technology estimates that state and local government will spend approximately $107.6 billion dollars on information technology in 2019. Moreover, the continued rise of state and local government IT spending is largely driven by new constituent expectations. Constituents now expect digital service delivery, legacy IT modernization, and the increasing role of technology as a pillar of all day-to-day operations.

State and local GovTech spending 2019

Additionally, there are many opportunities for companies currently operating in the govtech market and for those in adjacent markets to take note of. Opportunities include the rise of smart cities technology to regulating cannabis. Technology is going to be critical to the future of state and local government agencies and the market is just beginning to have its app store moment.

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Dustin Haisler is the Chief Innovation Officer for e.Republic – the nation’s leading state and local government media and research company – and the parent company of Government Technology, Governing, and the Center for Digital Government. Dustin also serves as an Eisenhower Fellow (2019 Zhi-Xing Program). He is also Program Faculty for the Certified Public Management Program (CPM) at Texas State University. Haisler also served as an Assistant City Manager and CIO for the City of Manor, Texas where he pioneered the use of commercial technologies in government.

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  • Originally published March 29, 2019, updated April 26, 2023