Tech Nation and Crunchbase Cover Emerging Tech in the UK and Globally

Crunchbase and Tech Nation have partnered to bring spotlights to data-driven insights on emerging technologies in UK Tech for a Changing World Tech Nation’s latest annual UK tech report. Crunchbase provided data for the Emerging Tech section of the report, which analyzes global investment trends for the latest emerging technology categories.

Top 10 countries in emerging tech

In their latest report, Tech Nation discusses the global investment trends of the following emerging technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR). The global top 10 countries raised 91% of all emerging tech investments in the last 5 years. The United States raised a total investment of £74.6 billion between 2015-2019. China comes in second with £17.8 billion, and the UK third with £5.5 billion. Within Europe in particular, three out of the global top 10 cities in terms of total emerging tech funding are within the UK (London, Cambridge, and Bristol).

Tech Nation: Total VC investment in emerging technologies by country

Among the emerging technologies, AI holds a strong lead in global investment. In 2019, AI received £19 billion in funding globally. Comparatively, the other 6 categories received between £2 billion and £8 billion in funding.

Tech Nation: AI dominates emerging technologies

AI growth in the UK

Unlike other top countries, the UK has shown consistent positive year-over-year growth with AI investments in the last 5 years. The UK stands second in the world in terms of deal count and third in terms of total money invested, with over £1.3 billion in 2019 alone.

Tech Nation: Artificial Intelligence funding in the UK

Artificial Intelligence funding in the UK

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Jae Lee, Insight Analyst at Tech Nation

Jae Lee is an Insight Analyst at Tech Nation and has worked on the company’s flagship reports in 2019 and 2020. He is also a D.Phil. (PhD) graduate in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford, where he published four peer-reviewed articles during his D.Phil. and passed his doctorate viva with no correction. Away from his desk, Jae is a left-handed drummer on a right-handed drum kit, a philosopher of logic, and a daddy of the most beautiful baby girl in the history of mankind.

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  • Originally published May 4, 2020