CrunchBase Launches the CrunchBase Open Data Map

The CrunchBase Dataset powers many well known applications including Mattermark, Datafox, and now the upcoming version of Evernote. We’re thrilled each time a partner integrates the CrunchBase Dataset and today we’re launching the CrunchBase Open Data Map to make integration of CrunchBase easier than ever.

The CrunchBase Open Data Map is our answer to anyone that wants to reference CrunchBase or include basic CrunchBase profile information within their application. The data map includes the CrunchBase profile name, short description, logo image, location, and associated profile links from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Anyone can download the data map, we only ask for reasonable attribution if you decide to integrate the data into your application.

As always the CrunchBase Dataset is changing all of the time.  In September 52,000 profiles were updated and 21,000 new profiles were created. We encourage anyone using the Open Data Map to refresh their data as often as possible, we’ll be updating the downloadable files every day.

  • Originally published October 2, 2014, updated April 26, 2023