It’s been a full year since the first Daily Newsletter was prepped and delivered to the CrunchBase community last June. In that time, the Daily has kept readers up-to-date, covering over 9,700 funding rounds and 1,400 acquisitions compiled by the community and featured by the CrunchBase staff. Today the CrunchBase Daily reaches over 140k people and interest continues to rise – this year has already seen over 50k new subscribers.

To celebrate the anniversary of the Newsletter, we took a look at the trends we are capturing through this daily snapshot of the growing CrunchBase dataset.

It’s no surprise that early stage deals – from Seed and Angel rounds to the Series A, tend to lead the featured list of funded startups every day (we want you to know about the companies that could be the next Uber or Airbnb). Together, these comprised almost half of the ‘featured’ funding rounds summarized in the email.

We’re also highlighting the early stage activity of top investors, led by Accel Partners as the most-mentioned VC. The list of the Valley’s biggest players continued with Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia and Google Ventures. While the most active and well-known investors were consistently featured in the email, almost 3,250 different firms got a mention in one of the featured rounds over the past year.

The Daily Newsletter tracks the pulse of Silicon Valley with an average of 40 venture capital deals covered every day. Moreover, funded startups from the Daily represented 1,000+ cities from 77 different countries. Along with the San Francisco Bay Area, international tech hubs like London, Tel Aviv, Bangalore and Tokyo were covered heavily throughout the past year.

1,400+ acquisitions also made the Daily, led by 22 of Yahoo’s highlighted deals over the past year. Other tech heavyweights like Google and Apple made waves swallowing up companies all year, along with a handful of strategic acquisitions by Dropbox, Facebook and Twitter that made it into the Daily.

Of course, the funding rounds, people profiles, and company milestones are powered by the CrunchBase community. To get the most comprehensive coverage of the startup scene, subscribe to the Daily Newsletter here or follow CrunchBase on Twitter for the recap.

  • Originally published June 24, 2014, updated April 26, 2023