Diversity in Venture Capital: Founders for Change Launches a List of Diverse Investors

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In an effort to promote diversity in Venture Capital we’re working with Founders for Change to highlight diverse venture capitalists and diverse founders. Founders for Change, an All Raise initiative launched a list of diverse founders today including women, underrepresented people of color (i.e. Black, Latine and Native American), and LGBTQ investors. Crunchbase is supporting this effort with a full list of over 400 diverse investors

Surfacing Diversity in Venture Capital

“We’re excited for the launch of FFC’s Diverse Investor List. Our list fills an acute need for this new generation of founders who care deeply about diversity in their team and on their cap tables. This list will help founders connect with relevant investors and is the first time founders will be able to create investor target lists using resources that include investment stage, sector and background – all in one place,” says Chian Gong from Reach Capital.

Discover Investors and Founders with Crunchbase Pro

Crunchbase has reported on women in venture since early 2016. For years we’ve leveraged the Crunchbase dataset to better understand the state of diversity in tech. In the first Crunchbase Women in Venture Report, our goal was to establish a well-defined baseline against which to measure future progress of women in the venture business. In 2016, 7 percent of the investing partners at the top 100 venture firms were women.

As a follow-up, we completed our second study 18 months later in October 2017. Comparatively, we found the percentage of women partners edged up by a mere 1 percent to 8 percent. Of the top 100 venture capital firms included in the study, 58 had zero female investing partners. In contrast, accelerators and corporate venture firms have close to double the percent of female partner roles at 15 percent.

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Additionally, based on Crunchbase data, All Raise’s latest stats confirm that 9 percent of US-based VCs are women. This study includes general partners and managing directors with check writing abilities. We also only included firms with a fund size of over $25 million.

Female Founders: Progress and Stagnation

Based on our quarterly reporting, so far in 2018, 20 percent of venture funding has gone to startups with at least one female founder. By contrast, 2017 venture investments in female founders tallied at 14 percent. Overall 2018 is up by 8%, due to the second quarter increase, courtesy of Ant Financial. In addition, Ant had the largest funding round this year with a $14 billion round.

Raising Awareness for Diverse Venture Capitalists and Diverse Founders

Here are our favorite Crunchbase Pro lists showcasing diverse venture capitalists, diverse founders, and female founders.

List of Diverse Venture Capitalists and Advisors

Founders for Change Diverse Investors List
Black Men in VC (List by Aaron McClendon)
Black Women in VC (List by Sydney Thomas) 
Women advisors/board members for US public companies

List of Diverse Founders in Tech

FFC Founders for Change
Black and Latine Founders who raised >1M in funding
Recently Funded Female-Founded Companies
Female-founded startups in New York City with recent funding
Top companies founded by women

If we are missing any diverse investors please let All Raise know here and we will work with them to update this list.

  • Originally published October 30, 2018, updated September 12, 2022