Crunchbase is a Remote-First Company

We are excited to share that Crunchbase is a remote-first company! This means that employees are not expected to work in an office, and all of our processes, communications and culture are designed remote-first (i.e. assuming every employee is remote).

Some of the factors we considered when making this decision were:

  • Remote work, works: We transitioned our team to remote as an early response to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Our team adjusted to working remotely in stride and has been more productive, connected, and happy than ever. 
  • Our people’s preferences: The majority of our employees expressed they would like the flexibility to work remotely, at least a few days a week, and we listened. We believe remote work is here to stay, and we want to be a leader in embracing this new way of working.
  • Accessing diverse talent: Talent is everywhere, and going remote-first is allowing us to expand our talent pool and diversify our teams as we scale.

As part of this change, our employees can now live in 18 states across the U.S. We’ve already started to grow our team by hiring team members in many of these designated areas. 

We also understand that some employees may prefer to work in a physical office at times. To accommodate this, we’re keeping our San Francisco office and allowing employees to use the space as much, or as little, as they’d like. Team members will have several opportunities to attend in-person gatherings throughout the year at both the company and department level. These events will allow us to foster richer connections and collaboration across teams.

While this approach will challenge us to rethink the way we work together, we believe that trusting our people to choose how and where they do their best work will make Crunchbase a company where diverse people and perspectives can connect, grow and thrive.

  • Originally published June 28, 2021, updated September 26, 2022