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CrunchBase Daily Read by Worldwide Audience of 80,000

August 13, 2013

Each weekday morning we send the CrunchBase Daily to over 80,000 subscribers and from what we can tell, it’s a hit.  Nearly 40% of the emails are opened each day and people read the emails almost immediately.  Our email service provider SailThru, reports that 30% of emails are read within the first 60 minutes of being sent and another 45% are read within the next 3 hours.


SailThru also reports that 15% of our subscribers are based in California, 6% in New York, and 3% in Washington.  Top Cities include New York at 3.5%, San Francisco at 3.4%, and Redmond, WA at 2.2%.  Internationally, we see strong readership in India, The United Kingdom, China, France, Germany, and Australia.

1 Graph of USWHITE

1 Graph of WorldWHITE

Next we looked at devices / browsers used by our subscribers.  iOS accounted for nearly 33% of our subscribers (26% on iPhone and 5% on iPad) followed by Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Browser Subscribers
iOS 32%
Chrome 18%
Internet Explorer 16%
Firefox 7%
Android 7%
Safari 2%
Other 18%

Anyone can sign-up for the CrunchBase Daily.  If you’re already a subscriber, please share with your friends!