We’re coming up on 90 days since we launched CrunchBase 2.0 and now seems like a good time to share a quick report card on our progress.  Launching an entirely new version of any website is not without some hiccups and omissions, which many of you were very quick to point out.  We took the feedback seriously and have released 23 new versions since April.  A few notable changes include:

While we’ve been focused on improving CrunchBase 2.0, so have you. Since launch the community has made 210,000 edits to the dataset, updated 55,000 entities, and added 26,000 new entities.  And of course, people are using CrunchBase every day to learn more about startups from around the world – 4.4MM people have used CrunchBase 2.0.

We’ve made a lot of progress in 90 days and we’re not slowing down.  Stay tuned for more updates and please keep the feedback (email and @crunchbase) coming.

  • Originally published July 15, 2014, updated April 26, 2023