The Culture @ Crunchbase series is a spotlight on our team here at Crunchbase. Follow along to get to know each of us a little better and to understand why Crunchbase is the best company to work for in San Francisco.

Culture at Crunchbase: Edith Ho – Product Analyst

Edith joined Crunchbase right after receiving her degree in statistics from UC Berkeley two years ago. She originally joined as a data analyst for our content team, but as we’ve built our team she has grown into a more operational and cross-functional role. She is now working on product-related analytics, including user engagement and new feature development cycles. Read on to learn a little-known fact about Edith, a Product Analyst here at Crunchbase.

Crunchbase: What is your favorite thing about being a Crunchbase-r?

Edith: We’re still a relatively small company where we’re close-knit. There’s not a lot of bureaucracy, which I appreciate. There’s still a lot of room to express my ideas and try new things. Everyone knows each other, we hang out outside of work and talk about our lives rather than just work all the time.

Product Analyst at Crunchbase, Edith Ho: Best Companies To Work For In San FranciscoCB: What is the best feedback or career advice that you’ve received?

E: Speak up. I have learned to say what I want and don’t want to. If there’s a part of a project you want to work on and another part you definitely don’t want to work on, make it known. Ask for that promotion. If you want it, speak up, and show you deserve it.

CB: Tell me about a time you felt really appreciated or supported by your team/company.

E: When I first started working on product analytics I didn’t have much prior experience in frontend tracking and defining product metrics. I got a lot of support and mentorship from my team, both in technical tasks and understanding how to help make product decisions, that really helped me.

CB: What does culture mean to you?

E: I believe culture is creating a workplace that is both productive and enjoyable. There are companies that are really fun but not very productive, and there are companies that are very professional but no one talks about anything other than work. I think having a healthy balance is key. I enjoy an environment where people feel they’re accomplishing their tasks but also comfortable.

CB: What is your favorite office snack?

E: I really like the Unreal peanut butter cups and the new chocolate caramel cookies we just got.

CB: You’ve just won the lottery! Now what?

E: Move to a tropical island! Sit on the beach, maybe open a tiki bar too.

CB: What is one strange fact about you?

E: I can’t see 3D. I’m slightly stereo-blind and didn’t find out until my junior year of college. It doesn’t affect my day-to-day life too much, but if I look at the skyline I can’t tell which buildings are close. I’m really bad at estimating the size of a room and guessing what sizes of furniture would fit without exact measurements.

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  • Originally published August 16, 2018