The Culture @ Crunchbase series is a spotlight on our team here at Crunchbase. Follow along to get to know each of us a little better and to learn why Crunchbase is the best company to work for in San Francisco. For our inaugural Culture @ Crunchbase post, we interview, Ritu Kiragi, a frontend engineer at Crunchbase. 

Culture @ Crunchbase: Ritu Kiragi – Frontend Engineer

Ritu has been a frontend engineer in Crunchbase since April 2017. With her colorful hair and infectious laugh, she comes to work looking forward to making our website beautiful and being around colleagues that she considers friends! She enjoys how well her team gets along, the way they communicate, and help each other out. Read on to learn more about Ritu, her impact on Crunchbase, some other fun facts you may not know, and why Crunchbase is one of the best companies to work for in San Francisco!

Ritu, Frontend Engineer

Ritu on far right.

Crunchbase: What projects are you currently working on?

R: I’m revamping our top search! We’re going to have a new full-page UI which will help our users find what they’re looking for in the different categories as well as giving exposure to our featured lists plus other features including recently viewed lists. I think will make a huge impact on the experience and I’m really excited to be working on it.

CB: What’s your favorite thing about being a Crunchbase-r?

R: Definitely the people. The culture is amazing and everyone is so sweet. It’s fun to come to work! We have a baking club, and my team is doing a Trivia Night next month. In the morning it’s not like ‘I have to go be around people I don’t like. I get to come to work and hang out with my friends.

CB: What’s your biggest passion outside of work?

R: I really enjoy volunteering with children and I’m getting back into dance.

CB: What does culture mean to you?

R: Culture means the way your employees feel while they’re at work. Everyone should feel welcome. People need to be able to speak their mind and feel respected + valued. They need to feel comfortable and appreciated.

Frontend Engineer Ritu Kiragi: Culture @ Crunchbase | Best Company To Work For In San Francisco

CB: What’re you listening to today?

R: Years & Years! I love them.

CB: You’ve just won the lottery! Now what?

R: Travel the world! Travel to India to visit my family and explore all the history there then the rest of the world.

CB: Current TV obsessions?

R: *giggles* I’ve been really into home makeover shows lately! ‘The British Interior Design Challenge’ on Netflix and the IKEA home makeover series on Youtube are so fun and cute. With living in San Francisco, I get tons of ideas for small spaces from watching them.

CB: What is one of your secret talents?

R: I’m really good at learning languages. I know 4 already; English, French, Hindi, and Kannada. I’m currently learning Spanish and Italian.

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  • Originally published August 9, 2018