Key Result

80-100 qualified prospects sourced a week



Use case

Prospecting, Sales



About the Company

Lokalise is a translation management system built for agile teams who want to automate their localization process.


As a provider of translation technology, Lokalise targets a specific type of prospect: Companies looking to grow internationally and find the fastest way to speak their customers’ language.

For Pavel Topalov, an associate sales development representative at Lokalise, the company’s ideal customer profile was clear. But because he was targeting a niche market, locating these prospects at a scale that could impact pipeline wasn’t as straightforward. 

In a role where the No. 1 goal is to book meetings with the right people, Topalov had to consistently find companies that:

  • Matched Lokalise’s ideal customer profile;
  • Had a clear need for translation technology;
  • Had buying power; and
  • Had a contact that could make a buying decision.

There was one problem. Valuable information, such as a company’s buying power or contact data, wasn’t easy to find without a significant amount of manual research. Sifting through press releases, company websites and LinkedIn profiles, and using tools with inaccurate contact information, isn’t exactly efficient. 

To book more meetings and drive pipeline, Topalov needed more time back in his day and a more effective way to find decision-makers at companies that are a good fit for Lokalise.


Enter Crunchbase.

In previous roles, Topalov spent all day on manual research. Prior to joining Lokalise, he was worried his days would be spent doing the same thing coupled with the added difficulty of targeting a niche audience. Luckily for him, Lokalise was already using Crunchbase.

Topalov found that Crunchbase made prospecting easier and quicker, as it allowed him to:

  • Add territory preferences so only relevant companies surfaced;
  • View ML-powered company recommendations to cut manual searching;
  • Use funding data to assess a prospects’ buying power; and
  • Leverage contact data to identify decision-makers at these companies. 

A sales representative typically needs multiple tools and workflows to accomplish all of that. Topalov only needed one, saving time and creating more efficiency in the process.

“The challenge to get the right information at the right time is easily solved with Crunchbase where you have all the information you need organized in one place. Crunchbase is a top tool for prospecting and company data that any salesperson can rely on.” –  Pavel Topalov, Associate Sales Development Representative, Lokalise

In addition to using the Crunchbase platform, Topalov uses Crunchbase’s Chrome Extension daily. The extension further streamlines his prospecting workflow by allowing him to see best-in-class Crunchbase data directly on a company website or LinkedIn profile. 

By viewing up-to-date information such as news, funding, similar companies and contact data, Topalov is able to qualify companies in a more targeted way. This process ensures that he finds the right prospects in a position to make a deal. Furthermore, he can identify the right decision-makers to reach out to without ever changing tabs.


Since joining Lokalise, Crunchbase has become an essential tool for Topalov. With a more efficient way of surfacing prospects that are a good fit for the company, he sources 80-100 prospects a week using Crunchbase.

In addition, between the Crunchbase platform and the Chrome Extension, he saves two hours of research time a day. That’s 10 hours a week he can now spend on more strategic initiatives, such as connecting with decision-makers. 

For Topalov, booking more meetings is the goal. However, there were clear inefficiencies and obstacles that held him back. With Crunchbase, what was once cumbersome became efficient.

“Using Crunchbase has saved me at least 2 hours a day, honestly. I used to spend so much time copying, pasting, searching, going back, and tracking all this data manually to find the best fit companies for our services. Now, having Crunchbase and the Chrome Extension is like flying! It has everything you need in just a few clicks.” – Pavel Topalov, Associate Sales Development Representative, Lokalise

Find the right companies, identify the right contacts, and connect with decision-makers