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About the Company

JumpCloud is an open directory platform that simplifies IT management to provide employees with secure, frictionless access from any device to the resources they need.


When JumpCloud first implemented an outbound sales strategy, it took the team several hours per week to research and qualify companies and find accurate contact data. This tedious and time-consuming process detracted from engaging with prospects and closing more deals. With Crunchbase, it now takes minutes.

JumpCloud knew they needed an automated, time-saving solution that would:

  • Quickly surface new leads;
  • Provide rich data about companies in their target market; and
  • Integrate seamlessly with their CRM. 

That’s when they discovered Crunchbase.


With Crunchbase, the JumpCloud team built a successful, efficient outbound program.

Crunchbase’s proprietary company data and robust search helps them uncover young, fast-growing companies that match their ideal customer profile. Crunchbase also gives them quick access to the contact information of key decision-makers–in this case, IT admins and directors in charge of introducing products to the broader company.

Teresa Lawlor, VP of Revenue Marketing at JumpCloud, and Michael Kol, Business Development Manager, say that Crunchbase’s buy signals like acquisition, hiring and funding are some of the biggest advantages of the platform. The sales team uses these buy signals to determine which leads to prioritize in their outreach, helping them get their foot in the door before their competitors.

The team speeds up their prospecting even further using the Crunchbase Chrome extension. The extension enables them to push company and contact details from any website directly to their CRM–a process that used to be 20 minutes and now takes just a quarter of that time.

“Before using Crunchbase’s Chrome Extension, our team would spend up to 20 minutes finding and importing a single lead’s industry, company size, address and headquarters location to our CRM. Now we can go to any website, find a company that matches our ICP, and push them to our CRM in one click. Thanks to Crunchbase, this process only takes 5 minutes per lead so our team can spend more time on outreach and less time on manual work.”  -Michael Kol, Business Development Manager, JumpCloud

As an added bonus, Crunchbase doesn’t just help JumpCloud find prospects; it also enables them to monitor and engage with existing customers. If the team sees that a customer is actively hiring, for instance, they can reach out to them about upgrading to more seats. Or, if a customer raises funding, they can send them a gift box with a congratulatory note. This kind of information bolsters their upselling strategy while helping them build strong customer relationships.


Crunchbase is now an integral part of JumpCloud’s sales and marketing tech stack. While they once spent several hours per week manually researching companies and contacts, they’re now able to uncover this information in minutes.

The team at JumpCloud went from having zero outbound pipeline to finding and sequencing thousands of quality leads a year. On top of that, more than 30% of qualified opportunities discovered with Crunchbase converted into customers.

“Crunchbase has changed the outbound game for us as a whole. Because of Crunchbase’s intuitive search and quality data, we are able to proactively engage with growing companies within our target persona. Thanks to Crunchbase, our team has been able to find thousands of qualified leads within the first year.”  -Michael Kol, Business Development Manager, JumpCloud 

Find the right companies, identify the right contacts, and connect with decision-makers