Key Result

Found higher quality prospects



Use case

Lead Generation, Prospecting, Sales



About the Company

AppVirality is a plug-and-play growth hacking toolkit for mobile applications.


AppVirality offers marketing automation tools for web and mobile app growth. After revamping their referral and loyalty tools for eCommerce, SaaS and other business platforms, AppVirality wanted to build a data-driven sales process. AppVirality chose Crunchbase Pro to qualify its overwhelming inbound requests and to build its sales prospecting strategy from the ground up.


AppVirality’s Business and Growth Manager shared, “We use Crunchbase Pro to build targeted lists for outbound prospecting. The email updates from our saved lists ensure we have relevant sales conversations with interested prospects. Crunchbase has become a crucial part of our research.” AppVirality uses industries to build saved searches and analyze which prospect groups have the best conversion rates. It then uses that information to target high-converting groups, map their target market, and strategize outreach. In addition, AppVirality uses Crunchbase as a lead qualification tool. “We get a lot of inbound requests so it’s important for us to quickly educate ourselves on each lead in Crunchbase and decide if it’s worth our time. If it is, we can add it to a saved “inbound” list.”


Crunchbase Pro has allowed AppVirality to have a metrics-driven outbound strategy while qualifying inbound leads. AppVirality uses saved searches, custom lists, and email alerts to stay on top of their prospects and look for signals that a prospect is ready to buy before opening sales conversations. The breadth of Crunchbase data combined with Crunchbase Pro gives AppVirality a sales solution that will scale as they grow. The Buisness and Growth Manager shared, “Now we are able to be far more targeted, with more direction and focus. Crunchbase Pro is helping us grow faster than we predicted.”

Find the right companies, identify the right contacts, and connect with decision-makers