by Edith Ho, Julie Kim & Gené Teare

It’s a wrap! The winner of the Startup Battlefield at Disrupt SF 2016 is Mobalytics, a personal analytics performance tool for gamers. The runner up is UnifyID, an identity authentication platform.


Crunchbase has compiled all the TechCrunch Disrupt lists to provide opportunities to follow up and keep track of the companies post conference. You can see the Battlefield companies here. You can view who has raised funding, where they are based, their Crunchbase rank and more.

From Japan to the Ukraine, AI to VR, close to 400 startups demo’ed their technology on the exhibit floor in both marketplace and country based pavilions. 54% of the startups in the pavilions came from countries outside of the US to gain exposure and showcase talent from around the globe.

If you were one of the thousands of attendees at Disrupt, you can review the companies you met here. If you missed the show floor, you can still see the companies that were there. Link to the company tab to see who has raised funding, where they are based, and a short description of the company.

Marketplace pavilions

Enterprise & SaaS Pavilion – 49
Hardware Pavilion – 39
Social Media Pavilion – 23
Artificial Intelligence Pavilion
E-commerce & Retail Pavilion – 19
Marketing & Communications Pavilion – 16
Media & Entertainment Pavilion – 15
VR Pavilion – 13
Fintech Pavilion – 12
Health Tech Pavilion – 10
Travel & Sport Pavilion – 10
Ed Tech & Non-profits Pavilion – 7
Home & Real Estate Pavilion – 6
Security Pavilion – 6

Country based pavilions

Ukraine Pavilion – 19
Japan Pavilion – 18
InvestHK & HKSTP Pavilion – 16
Barcelona & Catalonia Pavilion – 15
Taiwan Rocks Pavilion – 12
MIT EF Arabian Pavilion – 10
Kocca Pavilion – 9
Belgian Pavilion – 7
Austrian Pavilion – 5
Uruguay IT Pavilion – 5
Hungarian Pavilion – 4

That is a wrap!

  • Originally published September 15, 2016