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The Battlefield companies have just been announced, and here is the list by alpha. You can see the companies, founders and fundings in CrunchBase.

Alfred Club is the first service layer on the shared economy.

Allre is an online real estate transactions platform with no agents and commissions.

Athla designs software for digital health, fitness and athletic performance.

Beartooth‘s patent pending technology allows iOS and Android to communicate together even if the cellular network is unavailable, failed or congested.

Disease Diagnostic Group (DDG) uses magneto-optical technology to change the way diseases are diagnosed.

DynoSense is a life science technology company. Their patented Dynosenser is the smallest medical grade health scanner technology for capture and analysis of health data.

FOVE is an eye-tracking head -mount display for home use. By tracking users’ eyes it is possible to interact freely with objects in 3D space.

Gem makes it easy for the developer world to provide a secure way to used wallets to store and spend Bitcoin.

IsitYou offers a simple and safe way to m-commerce by allowing services providers to know their customers through the use of facial recognition

MailTime incorporate the smooth experience of instant messaging and the universality of emails.

Palate Home has created an internet-connected Palate Smart Grill for home cooking. It is a countertop electric grill combining low-temperature cooking with precision grilling.

Partpic is visual search for replacement parts.

Pattern EQ is an advanced analytics platform that provides analysts data mining capabilities without having to rely on data scientists.

QuickFire.TV offers cloud-based video transcoding to address consumer impatience for online video.

Rallyteam is a collaboration platform for intelligently connecting people, projects, and ideas.

sciencebite.com is smart matchmaking for R&D supported by open access scientific data.

Self Lender helps consumers monitor their credit, build credit history, and save money.

Shipstr streamlines the international shipping industry through a cloud-based aggregation platform.

SOP notify is a Nigeria-based notification platform for power-challenged communities.

Stack is a responsive lighting solution that provides the right tone of light and brightness to maximize comfort and energy savings.

StudyRoom is a platform for college students to connect and collaborate with each other.

TableGrabber offers RezGuru, a revenue management tool for restaurants.

Tailor is a branding agency that uses an algorithm that thinks like a graphic designer.

Valor Water Analytics provides a suite of business intelligence tools to water utilities.

Vinli is a connected car open platform that enables developers to build apps and services for vehicles.

Xen.do is a cloud search service that surfaces relevant content from multiple cloud accounts.

And so the competition begins.

  • Originally published September 8, 2014