Meet Amanda, People Ops Specialist at Crunchbase

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People Operations Specialists at Crunchbase execute programs that scale and enhance the employee experience. The People Team is responsible for developing the culture of the organization and building programs that allow our employees to do their best work.

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I spoke with Amanda about her experience at Crunchbase over the past year. I’m lucky enough to work on the same team as her, but anyone in the company can tell you about the impact that she’s made in our day-to-day lives.

What made you want to work at Crunchbase? 

I was a year and a half into my HR career and grew as much as I could in my previous role. I was looking for a well-known company that provided more opportunities to grow and had a great product. I applied to Crunchbase and I was amazed by the interview experience and the team.

What are some of the most exciting things the people team is working on? 

We’re constantly trying to find ways to get people more excited about coming to work here. One of our goals as the People Team is to invest in our employees and make sure they have the resources to be successful and excited to come to work every day – we have wellness initiatives, volunteering opportunities, events, etc. It’s exciting to work on different programs that increase employee happiness here at Crunchbase. One of the challenges ahead is figuring out how to maintain our culture as we grow.

How have you grown since starting at Crunchbase? 

When I first joined, my main focus was on people operations. Mainly, maintaining employee life cycle, benefits and implementing policies. Over time I’ve had a great opportunity to challenge myself with new responsibilities like ownership of a variety of initiatives around employee engagement and career development. Some of the things I’m proud of include events, wellness challenges, volunteering opportunities and learning and development workshops.

Tell me more about the growth opportunities at Crunchbase. How do you ensure people advance in their careers?  

One of our core values is to Develop Your Craft and we want to ensure that not only does Crunchbase provide the resources and opportunities for employees to advance in their career but that they feel encouraged to pursue growth for themselves as well. To support individuals’ careers, employees have 1:1 meetings with their managers to regularly talk about growth. We also offer a generous Learning and Development benefit.

(Amanda recently used her L&D benefit toward CWWS certification!)

You work with people across all functions in the company, what is that like? 

We have a very open and transparent culture here. I feel comfortable speaking with everyone regardless of title or function. I’ve worked in companies where people feel hesitant to talk to leadership and that’s not the case here. We all work together and all voices are heard. There’s a common consensus that everyone’s opinion matters. We also train people on D&I matters and regularly audit our practices to fight any bias. It is important for us that everyone has a sense of belonging and feels included.

  • Originally published December 5, 2019