Birds of a Y Combinator feather flock together.

Y Combinator president Sam Altman just led a massive $50 million Series B round for social news site Reddit, an early YC graduate out of the same 2004 class as Altman’s own Loopt.

This marks Altman’s 24th investment in a Y Combinator alum.

The Y Combinator folks are a tight-knit group – Altman’s top three most frequent co-investors are YC partners Paul Buchheit (15 shared investments), Alexis Ohanian (14), and Garry Tan (10). He’s invested alongside YC itself in another 9 rounds.

Altman is by no means the only YC partner to individually back YC alums on a regular basis – Ohanian has joined in with YC in 37 venture rounds and Buchheit another 28. Both have participated in over 25 follow-on rounds for startups previously funded by the seed accelerator.

Outside of the family, SV Angel and Andreessen Horowitz are the most eager to pick up where Y Combinator left off. Along with co-investing frequently with YC, SV Angel has piggy-backed the Silicon Valley accelerator in follow-on rounds for 59 YC companies, and a16z has done the same for another 38.

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Photo via Flickr user Ias-initially

  • Originally published October 1, 2014, updated April 26, 2023