Since 2012 Alchemist Accelerator has advanced 64 companies according to CrunchBase. Of these, 29 companies have received more than a 1M raise and of these, four have raised around $5M at a $25M pre-money valuation.

Alchemist Accelerator is an enterprise focused accelerator with a 6 month program. This is longer than most programs, which typically run for 3 months. Ravi Belani, the founder of Alchemist Accelerator, cites the need for a longer sales cycle for enterprise. Alchemist likes to work with companies to get significant customer interaction and feedback. Companies need to be in the Bay Area but can choose where to work, as they have  coworking spaces in San Francisco, Santa Clara and Menlo Park. 3 notable exits are Assemblage by Cisco, Mobilespan by Dropbox and Appslinger by Otoy.

Here is the list. Perfect Price has already closed a $1M seed round.
Onemob – mobile video platform for customer relationship interaction
Tyche – commercial claim using data to screen the cost in advance
Featherlight – employee driven feedback and learning
Perfect Price – pricing products using machine learning
Freedcamp – allows everyone to collaborate in one place using in product tools.
3Ten8 – cloud software that surfaces network problems for managing wireless networks
Ladera labs – Nest for water to reduce water wastage, first device for irrigation
Groove  – quantifying customer & sales interaction to improve sales
Mindops – image recognition translated to text
Xendo – seamless search across tools and cloud based apps. Launched at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014.

Next one up for Alchemist is their IoT Accelerator with an application deadline Sept 27 2014.

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  • Originally published September 26, 2014